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Best Budget Home Recording Studio Headphones

The Best Budget Studio Headphones

The purpose of studio headphones is to make the frequency response as flat as possible, allowing the sound engineer to hear the ranges in much more detail.

This also means that they have a lot more control over them. This is what makes them different from DJ headphones and regular ones.

Of course, these can be quite expensive to buy as a result, which is why we have this nifty little list of the best budget studio headphones for your home recording studio.

1. Superlux HD668B

Superlux HD668B Headphones

These headphones have a semi-open design that incorporates the use of vents to let in ambient sound from the outside to mix with your music, providing you with a fuller, more natural, sound experience.

They offer exquisite balance and contouring, ensuring they are comfortable to wear.

Superlux HD668B headphones are able to deliver rich bass and treble tones thanks to their superior sound quality and are also incredibly durable as they were built to last.

They are incredibly lightweight, so you hardly notice them on your head, and the frequency range is 30-2000Hz with a driver size of 50mm.

2. SmartOmni Bluedio Hurricane

SmartOmni Bluedio Hurricane

These wireless headphones are unparalleled when it comes to the deep bass that they are able to deliver.

This is all thanks to the turbine housing and low-frequency performance that is incorporated into the design.

It has 57mm drivers that are able to provide you with surprisingly clean notes. This is because they have been optimized for clean dynamics.

They are incredibly lightweight for your added comfort, but also have Bluetooth technology, allowing you to connect to all of your favorite devices.

The battery lasts for 40 hours before it needs to be recharged, offering you a wonderful length of time for use. These are definitely some of the best that you can buy.

3. Audio Technica ATH-M20x

Audio Technica ATH-M20x


This is an excellent brand for studio headphones, and they have a fantastic selection at a range of prices – most of which are very reasonable.

This particular pair offers exceptional comfort when they are being worn thanks to the padding around the ear cup of these closed-ear headphones.

They are actually powered by 40mm rare Earth magnets, delivering excellent sound quality to you.

This headset is also specifically optimized to work at low frequencies and offers a driver size of 40mm.

They are a little heavier than some of the models listed here, but you will hardly notice once they are on your head.

The closed ear design also offers full isolation, so you won’t have any outside noise to distract you, allowing you to hear clearly at all times.

4. Sony MDR7506

Sony MDR7506 Headphones


Sony is one of the leaders when it comes to technology, including headphones.

The driver size for these headphones is 40mm, allowing them to deliver and excellent frequency range of 10-2000Hz.

Sony MDR7506 have a low bass that is free from distortion, and it also offers a high, clear, treble.

If the sound wasn’t enough to lure you in, they are also incredibly lightweight, weighing only half a pound.

So, when you wear these, you will hardly feel them. They also come with a case for you to carry them in, so they don’t end up damaged in transit.

They are an excellent model, made by an excellent brand.

To Conclude

Hopefully, one of the headphones we have listed here matches what you are looking for. While it is not always easy to find budget studio headphones, they definitely exist, and this article has listed some of the best ones for you. So whether you want a big brand, or something really lightweight, there is a pair here for you.

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