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Tekturon Delay VST / AU Plugin Released by D16 Group

Tekturon VST Plugin

D16 Group has released Tekturon, a new flexible VST, AU delay effect plugin featuring 16 delay lines arranged in a sequence of taps equally delayed from each other PLUS a special feature of which is the “Delay Matrix“.

Using the “Delay Matrix” you can individually determine the quality for each delay. With the 16 delay lines, the delay loop, the panning, the stereo distribution and the multimode filter can be edited individually.

Tekturon Delay VST Plugin by D16 Group

Available parameters include the filter model including cutoff and resonance, the volume and pan position as well as the Feedback knob and a “tag-based” preset browser, are also integrated.

A shuffle and feedback parameter at the end of the signal chain provides the necessary swinging effect.

The Delay grid can either be synchronized to the host tempo or left free.

The user interface is very weel designed and easy to use with an ergonomic look for easy access to all parameters.

This versatile new delay plugin from D16 Group has been developed for Windows and MAC OS users, being available in the VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats.

It cost about 69 euros and if you need an exciting delay effect, which offers all sorts of freedom in delay design grab it from Plugin Boutique right away (link below).

Buy Link: Tekutron

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