Tech Vocals Grid Kontakt 5 Sound Library by Functional Machines
Tech Vocals Grid Kontakt 5 Sound Library by Functional Machines

Functional Machines in collaboration with Function Loops new release Tech Vocals Grid, a Kontakt 5+ Sound Library that features 216 glitched vocal loops, collected from Function Loops sample packs and the unique Channel Robot Kontakt instrument.

‘Tech Vocals Grid’ fits perfectly in House, Techno, Tech-House, Minimal, Trance, Dubstep, Glitch and beyond.

So get ready to experiment with Functional Machines and get your own unique sound in seconds!


  • All loops are now available in a single interface, use any combination of any 12 loops together.
  • Load and use up to 12 patterns from the library provided on disk.
  • Step record, edit and save your own patterns and those provided on disk.
  • New “randomise slice” feature, creates ever-changing loops.
  • Variable repeats for each slice, each slice can have its own repeat amount set.
  • AHD Envelope for every sound, retriggers on each slice with modulation options.
  • Every parameter in every FX is now a modulation target.
  • 10 freely assignable Step modulators, with variable number of steps.
  • Step sequencing for loops and patterns.
  • New cleaner interface.

This pack is available on for £25.90. Check Here






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