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TDR Feedback Compressor II VST Plugin FREE by TDL

TDR Feedback Compressor II VST Plugin

Tokyo Dawn Labs (TDL) has released TDR Feedback Compressor II VST/AU Plugin for Windows and Mac OS X. This is one of the highest-fidelity compressor plugins.

The TDR Feedback Compressor II takes this traditional audio compression topology to new heights as a state of the art dynamics processor combining an unusual and highly flexible, yet intuitive control scheme. The compressor has been carefully tuned for intuitive and musical operation for almost every situation. No compromises have been made in order to achieve the highest possible quality of dynamic control.

TDR Feedback Compressor II by Tokyo Dawn Labs
TDR Feedback Compressor II by Tokyo Dawn Labs

TDR Feedback Compressor II Features:

  • Beautiful “Feed-Back Compression” sound and behavior
  • 64bit floating point precision for all relevant calculations
  • Multi-rate processing structure for highest accuracy, critical operations run up to 8 times the original rate
  • Delta oversampled signal path (bit transparent without processing)
  • Three side-chain filter slopes: 3dB/Oct, 6dB/Oct and 12dB/Oct
  • Super fast and natural-sounding compression.
  • Independent release controls for peak and RMS compression
  • Unique control scheme
  • Crest Factor control
  • Advanced stereo linking options optimized for the stereo bus
  • Delta preview mode. Allows to preview the difference between the compressed and original signal
  • Latency compensated parallel bypass (i.e. processing not interrupted)

NOTE! This download is offered for historical reasons, the product is no more actively suppported. Compatibility with modern systems is not guaranteed.

A successor product is now available! Please use TDR Kotelnikov in your new projects.

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