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TAN Free Compressor Plugin by Acustica Audio

TAN Free Compressor VST Plugin

Acustica Audio has released TAN, a new freeware compressor plugin based on CORE8 with a classic analog VCA compression. TAN audio plugin is a versatile tool providing a lot of possibilities to shape your sound and comes with a gorgeous graphical user interface. TAN is an Acqua plugin series based on CORE8, the revolutionary upgraded multithreading technology by Acustica.

It is an optimization of Core7 in terms of high performance, it introduces new important features ( FIR-IIR algorithmic sidechain and predisposition for FIR-IIR clipper) that allows optimizing the performance of Acqua plug-ins. TAN features the most common compressor’s parameters like the release, attack, threshold, ratio, dry/wet and gain. All these controls allow you to make an extremely wide range of adjustments.

But the icing on the cake is what Acustica-Audio calls “ShMod”, a compressor shape control for the attack behavior that allows you to fine-tune the attack shape so you can really customize the attack behavior for any audio source.

TAN Free Compressor Plugin

TAN is available for free as a digital download immediately after registration on Acustica-Audio website. It’s compatible with any Windows and MAC hosted DAW (32 and 64-bits, VST2, AAX, and AU formats).

Update 2019: This plugin is no longer available.



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