Musikmesse 2018: Waves Presents TRACT Plug-in

This year at Musikmesse 2018 event the well-known audio software developer Waves presents the Tract plug-in which can be very useful for sound engineers in live performances. Waves Tract is supposed to help measure and tune the PA. The measurement technology behind it is Rational Acoustics Smaart. The Rational Acoustics Smaart system captures the sound […]

TORQUE Drum Enhancer Plugin Released by Waves

Waves has released the Torque plugin, which is designed to exceed the capabilities of an ordinary pitch shifter. Torque, the new plug-in from Waves will change the drums. If you realize that the drums in your mix were not tuned properly then Torque will help you to fix this. Waves Torque is designed specifically for drums […]

AES 2016: Waves Audio Announced 3 New Plugins

Waves Audio has introduced at AES2016 Convention in Los Angeles (booth 721) three new plugins: Abbey Road Vinyl by Waves Waves Abbey Road Vinyl plugin is a precise model of Abbey Road Studios’ vinyl cutting and mastering gear, that offers the vintage warmth of vinyl records played on classic turntables and needles. Features: Add authentic vintage […]

Infected Mushroom Pusher Plugin by Waves

Waves and Infected Mushroom has released Pusher, a new effect plugin that offers enormous possibilities for boosting frequencies, enhancing sounds, and pushing mixes to the max. Infected Mushroom combined their mixing and mastering tricks that they’ve been working on for 20 years into Pusher. They assure your that this audio plug-in will make almost anything sound […]

DTS Neural™ Surround Plugins Collection by Waves

Waves intros DTS Neural™ Surround Collection, a bundle packed with 3 plugins: DTS Neural™ Surround UpMix, DTS Neural™ Surround DownMix and DTS Neural™ Mono2Stereo. You can use these plugins for up-mixing stereo sources, converting mono to stereo or downmixing 5.1 and 7.1 surround audio material. If you are a sound engineer and activate in fields […]

X-FDBK – Feedback Eliminator Plugin by Waves

Waves intros X-FDBK, the first plugin ever that provide a complete solution to automatic identify the feedback frequencies and suppress them. X-FDBK uses a graphic equalizer for doing this. I know how hard it is to identify the feedback frequencies and eliminate them. Most often we use our hearing ability, our ears, but the result is […]

BSS DPR-402 Dynamics Processor Plugin by Waves

Waves in association with BSS Audio introduces BSS DPR-402, a new compressor / limiter / de-esser plugin that emulates the original BSS® DPR-402 vintage hardware dynamics processor. DPR 402 has been heard on countless recordings, productions, and concerts since the ’80s, when it was first released. Waves has managed to bring back DPR-402’s functions and […]

Abbey Road Reverb Plates Plugin by Waves

Waves has announced the availability of Abbey Road Reverb Plates, a new audio plugin that simulates the four legendary EMT 140 reverb plates housed at Abbey Road Studios and used most prominently in the ‘60s and ‘70s by pioneering bands, including the Beatles and Pink Floyd. Abbey Road Studios first installed the original reverb plates […]

Nx – Virtual Mix Room Monitoring Plugin by Waves

Waves intros Nx, a new mix room monitoring plugin that lets you hear, on headphones the ideal acoustics of a high-end mix room. You can experiment the same natural depth, panoramic stereo image and natural reflections from speakers in an actual room. Waves Nx audio plugin bridges the gap between monitoring on speakers and monitoring […]

Greg Wells MixCentric Plugin by Waves

Waves intros Greg Wells MixCentric, the third plugin in a new series of artist plugins from the multiple GRAMMY®-nominated producer, songwriter and musician Greg Wells (Adele, Katy Perry, Mika, One Republic, Twenty One Pilots) who has songs on over 85 million units sold. The Grew Wells series also includes VoiceCentric and PianoCentric. Greg Wells MixCentric is […]