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PX Apollo Polyphonic Synthesizer Plugin by UVI

UVI brings PX Apollo, a new software polyphonic synthesizer inspired by the Moog Apollo, a rare synthesizer prototype from the early ’70s, only two pieces are known to exist. Moog Apollos was part of the Moog Constellation triumvirate. PX Apollo synth plugin is part of a new series of instruments named PX Prototype, that recreates […]

Review: FALCON Hybrid Synth Instrument by UVI

UVI FALCON REVIEW UVI‚Äôs new flagship synth plugin named FALCON¬†is a hybrid instrument where the people at UVI have tried to merge synthesis and sampling together, with an added effects suite, tons of modulation capabilities and even scripting. We can certainly say that the good people at UVI have accomplished their goal. Falcon ships with […]

Free Presets for Digital Synsations Released by UVI

UVI Digital Synsations

UVI has released 4 free presets from their latest library Digital Synsations. In the late ’80s and early ’90s, the synthesizer geography began to change. A new strain of keyboards began appearing in shops, records, and on stage; matte black mammoths shirking the familiar clump arrays for invariant clusters of separate buttons and glowing green […]

GD-6 Acoustic Guitar UVI Workstation Library by Acousticsamples

Acousticsamples new release the GD-6 Acoustic Guitar, a new UVI Workstation Sample Library. The GD-6 Acoustic Guitar is based on a Guild D-40 custom edition electro-acoustic guitar. We recorded it with a pair of microphones and using the build in pickup.We sampled it very deeply, all frets of all strings with upstrokes, downstrokes, round robins, […]

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