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Review: Fission Multi-Effect Plugin by Eventide

Eventide released another powerful effect called Fission, working as a Tonal and Transient multi-effect plugin. There are good features to discover, and amazing processing on audio tracks. I tested Fission on Windows 7 and Windows 10 (both 64 bits VST) without any problem. This amazing plugin is working as an effect in two areas: Transient […]

Review: The Legend VSTi Synth by Synapse Audio

The Legend software synthesizer from Synapse Audio is one of the latest synths I found interesting, surfing on the Internet. I’m honored to have this synth to review and we have a lot of interesting features there in this new synth from Synapse Audio Software, available in 32/64 bits for OSX/Windows. GUI The GUI is quite […]

Review: Ample Metal Eclipse II Guitar Plugin by AmpleSound

We had the pleasure to check out AME II by Ample Sounds. This metal guitar plugin is not what you see every day, so I was curious what the Chinese developers had come up with. From what I understood, it is meant to simulate a guitar fairly realistically for those who can’t actually play the […]

Review: STREAKULATOR Max4live Effect by Audiomodern

Streakulator  is a midi-modulated audio effect for Max4live which produces a host of effects in Ableton Live, turning a simple signal into a complex filtered and modulated sound, quite easily and quickly. Streakulator is developed by AudioModern in collaboration with Ernesto Cecco D’Ortona (StrangeLines), sound designer artist, developer and Max/MSP guru from Italy. Comprised of an amp envelope, […]

Review: Complex Racks: Ableton FX & Mastering Racks

CAPSUN ProAudio has been releasing Award winning sample libraries and synth presets for few years now. Their recent add on to their artillery is a Producer tool for Ableton titled “Complex Racks: Ableton Fx and Mastering”, which is loaded with 7 racks and 8 macros each though each focusing on different, fast and effective approach […]

Review: kiloHearts Multipass Modular Bandsplitter Plugin

kiloHearts Multipass Review When I saw the announcement for Multipass, I read: “a new modular band splitter plug-in effect which allows combining effect modules for virtually unlimited possibilities” and thought: whaaaat? It sounds cool for sure, but a little hard to imagine exactly what it looks like. Well, let me assure you, it IS cool! And […]

Review: Fabfilter Pro-C2 Compressor Plugin

Fabfilter Pro C2 Review

FabFilter Pro-C 2 – The only compressor you’ll ever need? I’m a purely in-the-box mixer and mostly work with recorded musicians, as opposed to music loops and samples. That being said, I prefer to use hardware emulation plugins for the color they add to the raw sound. The biggest issue with this approach is the […]

Review: Sigmund Delay Plugin by D16 Group

D16 Group Sigmund Review Sigmund is a hardware inspired delay plugin from the classic grove box emulation artisans at D16. Four independent delay sections with a wide variety of routing possibilities, multiple internal modulation options, combined with virtual analog distortion and filtering raise it far above the bland utility or slavish hardware recreation found in […]

Acon Digital Multiply Free Chorus Plugin (Review + Interview)

Review Acon Digital Multiply Free Chorus VST AU AAX Plugin

I am a big fan of low-cost plugins. It’s not that I think that all premium top-dollar outings are a waste of money. Not at all. But I believe in supporting the little guy. The underdog. The underground. Because the way I see it Plugin Developers are no different from anybody else in the music […]

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