Steinberg Cubase 9.5 DAW Out Now – New Features

Steinberg company has announced the availability of the 9.5 updates for the Pro, Artist and Elements versions of their Cubase DAW. The biggest advancement in Cubase 9.5 mixing capabilities is the new mixing engine: 64-bit floating-point resolution is designed to deliver uncompromising audio-editing performance, and provide detail and transparency. The newly integrated file browser Zoning 2.0 […]

3 Best Music Software Suggestions for Sound Designers

There is no program that can ever replace our ear, our musical culture, and our imagination, but we have to admit that today’s digital revolution applied to sound design made things a lot simpler, although certainly not immediate. To become a truly professional sound designer you must be a “Yoda” (Jedi Master) of your software […]

WaveLab 9 Audio Editing Software Announced by Steinberg

Steinberg has announced WaveLab 9, the newest version of their audio editing software Wavelab, available in two forms: WaveLab 9 Pro and WaveLab 9 Elements. WaveLab 9 audio editing software comes with some new and innovative features and a new redesigned “single-window” user interface for a faster workflow and instant access to all vital program […]

Cubase Pro 8.5 & Cubase Artist 8.5 Released by Steinberg

Steinberg has announced a few days ago the release of Cubase Pro 8.5 and Cubase Artist 8.5. This updates brings new imporvements and new tools to their popular music production software. “We listened very closely to what our customers were saying, and our team responded in detail by delivering an equal balance between strong new […]

Retrologue 2 Synth Plugin Released by Steinberg

Steinberg has released Retrologue 2, a new version of the virtual analog synthesizer plugin, which now come with more oscillators and filter types, new features like the New Resinator, New Programmable Arpeggiator, New Modulation possibilities, New Effects and hundreds of new exciting presets. Retrologue 2 is a versatile synthesizer plugin available for both VST (Windows) and […]

Cubase Elements 8 Music Production Software by Steinberg

Steinberg releases Cubase Elements 8, a new version of their popular music production software. Cubase Elements 8 is your personal music studio, incorporating professional workflows as used by countless professional artists around the globe. Using the same technology platform as its larger siblings in the Cubase family, Cubase Elements 8 offers tools for intuitive song-writing, […]

UR12 Audio Interface Announced by Steinberg

Steinberg has announced the UR12, a new USB 2.0 audio interface featuring a microphone input with D-PRE preamplifier, one high-impedance line input plus line outputs and 192 kHz audio quality and also class compliant support for the iPad. 2 x 2 USB 2.0 audio interface with 1 x D-PRE and 192 kHz support Combining an […]

Groove Agent 4 – Drum Workstation by Steinberg

Steinberg launches Groove Agent 4, a new complete drum workstation that combines three specialist rhythm modules in one: craft dazzlingly authentic drum tracks, produce dancefloor-filling beats and design slinky percussive grooves with a dedicated Agent for each task. Groove Agent 4 features: Complete virtual drum workstation including three specialist Agents for drums, beats and percussion […]

WaveLab 8.5 Music Editing Software Released by Steinberg

Steinberg has released WaveLab 8.5, a new update for their audio editing and mastering software suite available for both Windows and MAC systems. Announced for first time at MusikMesse 2014, WaveLab 8.5 is now officially available for sale on the official Steinberg website. WaveLab 8.5 accelerates workflows for essential audio tasks such as batch processing, […]

MusikMesse 2014: WaveLab 8.5 Audio Software by Steinberg

Steinberg introduces at MusikMesse 2014 event the WaveLab 8.5 audio software featuring new and easy file conversion and batch processing, A/B comparison between encoding formats, AAC encoder implementation and convenient multi-format rendering. This update marks an important step forward for the eighth iteration of WaveLab, focusing this round on encoding and processing audio files in […]

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