Review: Scoring Guitars 2 For GRAVITY by Heavyocity

Hi everyone. We’ve got a new “Gravity Pack” by Heavyocity to look at. It’s “Gravity Pack 05” and it’s not just any pack. It is Scoring Guitars 2! Yes, that’s right. They hear our prayers and made a second Scoring Guitars pack after the first one was easily one of the most sought-after and highly […]

Review: “Weaponiser” Sound Design Plugin by Krotos

Hi producers! This time I want to have a look at Weaponiser by Krotosaudio with you. The name might ring a bell for you. Especially if you are, like me, involved in sound design and game audio. Krotosaudio is also the geniuses behind “Dehumaniser” and “Reformer Pro”, and have built an impressive name for themselves […]

5 Tips For Creating Gigantic Synths

One of the most sought-after sounds in electronic music is the larger-than-life synths that get us up on our feet and dancing. But how do we get this sound? The key is in the layering! So I can just layer in all my favorite synths and I’ve got the next dance floor hit right? The […]

How To Create a Kick Drum from Scratch

Before we start getting into the depth of synthesizing a Kick drum sound let’s see what exactly is a Kick sound.  Bass Drum commonly known as Kick Drum or Just Kick in the electronic music genres has been used in all kinds of music but specifically famous for: Orchestral Bass drums [ex: Gran Tamburo, Gran […]

Dehumaniser II – Sound Design Modular Plugin by Krotos

Dehumaniser II – Sound Design Tool Now available as a VST / AU / AAX plugin Krotos has released its second coming of their Dehumaniser plugin: Dehumaniser II, a new sound design modular plugin that is used by movie and game creators to create out of this world sounding monsters, demons, aliens, robots and much […]

Sound Distortion: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Sound Distortion The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Everyone who has ever listened to a rock and roll or pop song knows for sure that distorted guitars are great. Almost everyone that has ever used a DAW or even a console, kinda knows that when meters hit red, chances are that, something is wrong. Well, nothing of the above is necessarily true, and […]

La Petite Excite – Free Exciter Effect Plugin by Fine Cut Bodies

Fine Cut Bodies proudly presents La Petite Excite, a freeware harmonic exciter plugin effect available in VST and AU format for both Windows and MAC OS. Fine Cut Bodies alias Attila Fodor is a music producer with more than 15 years of experience in sound design, coding, music composer for films and TV shows, performer […]

5 Tips For Effective Sound Design

The whole sound design work is a very time-consuming and tiring task and without the necessary knowledge in this area will be quite difficult to get good results. The first thing that is required is the knowledge about this field, after that comes the experience and creativity. It is true that knowledge is the sole […]

How to Synthesize Drums – Creating Your Own Drums

While there are endless drum samples out there, why not take total control and make your own using synths? While step sequencing or manual programming of drums is a route to accuracy, it’s much more fun – not to mention creatively more rewarding – to play them live. OK, so you’re not a drummer, and […]

Synthesis Various Sounds – Digital Sound Design Tips

Synths either play in a monophonic or polyphonic capacity, meaning they will either play one note at a time or more than one. Being limited to one note might sound restricting, but it can open up the ability to create a range of textures. Try creating trills by placing a long MIDI note and then peppering […]

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