Alternator MAC AU Synthesizer Plugin by Sinevibes

Sinevibes have just released Alternator, a new monophonic synthesizer plugin available for MAC OS, only. It consists of three modules: an oscillator, a filter, and an effect module. Oscillator: tracks for gate, waveform (saw, square, FM sine, waveshaped sine), pitch and pitch modulation envelope. Filter: tracks for filter type (low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, band-reject), frequency and frequency […]

Sinevibes Dynamic Collection – 6 MAC AU Plugins Bundle

Sinevibes releases Dynamic Collection, a limited time bundle offer including six of their most popular step-sequenced Audio Units plugins effects for MAC: Array, Cluster, Flow, Inertia, Shift and Switch. ARRAY Array can be used to automatically arrange the sequencer steps in groups of three or four, depending on normal or triplet timing. Features: Completely reconstruct and […]

Drift 3.0 ‘Chaos Processor’ MAC Plugin by Sinevibes

Sinevibes releases Drift 3.0, an updated version of the company’s ‘chaos processor’ Audio Unit (MAC) plugin. Drift 3.0 is based on two independent ‘Lorenz chaos systems’ – three dimensional oscillators that are used in science to model convection in liquid and gases. These random but smooth signals are used to modulate spectral effects, sound level […]

Extremum – MAC AU Effect Processor Plugin by Sinevibes

Sinevibes intros Extremum, an “Extreme Effects Processor” available as Audio Unit plugin format for MAC OS X. Extremum is an effects processor built with one huge goal: to turn even the most simple sounds into insanely interesting, tonally rich and exciting new material. It features a collection of phaser, chorus and filter algorithms comprised of […]

Octagon Spectral Delay VST/AU Plugin by Sinevibes

Sinevibes releases Octagon spectral delay plugin in AU and VST formats for both Windows an MAC OS. What Octagon can do? Octagon splits the audio into eight frequency bands, each having its own dedicated delay line. Delay time, feedback, pan, playback direction and other parameters can be set individually per band, allowing to selectively apply […]

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