Best Halloween FREE Scary Sound Effects Sample Packs

Halloween Free Sound Effects Scary Horror Sounds

It’s Halloween again and we’ve prepared a scary list of free horror sounds ready to frighten your listeners. We’ve searched over the Internet and find for your some of the best resources from where you can download for free tons of Scary Sound Effects, Horror Sound Effects, Spooky Music, Horror Sounds, and much more hunted […]

Sonic Impacts FREE FX Sample Pack by ProducerSpot

ProducerSpot and SampleTraxx bring you a new Free to Download collection of sound effects named Sonic Impacts. Sonic Impacts is a collection of cinematic sounds specifically designed for cinematic trailers, soundtracks, and cutting-edge electronic music. The pack is an explosive set up filled with designed impacts and hits, complex stingers and dark percussive elements which […]

“Drones” Free Sound Effects Pack Released by 99Sounds

99Sounds has released Drones, a free sample pack featuring drone sound effects and atmospheric soundscapes created by the sound designer, Red Fog. Red Fog is a drone/ambient artist whose productions focuses mostly on drones, atmospheric soundscapes, and dark ambiances. “No beats, no rhythm, just pure drones and textures!” You will find the full interview with […]

Metal Impact Sound Effects Library by Bluezone Corporation

Bluezone Corporation has released Metal Impact Sound Effects, a new collection of meticulously recorded, edited and layered metal sound effects perfect suitable for Video Games, Trailers, Cinematic and Musical projects. In this collection you will find some heavy detailed hits, impacts, clangs and metal drops recorded using various objects such as anvils, cargo containers, fuel […]

Samples of Tenalach – Free Sci-Fi FX Samples by 99Sounds

99Sounds in collaboration with Introspectral intros Samples of Tenalach, is a new collection of Sci-Fi free samples, final volume in a trilogy of free Sci-Fi SFX sample packs. This new sound library features swooshes, noises and otherworldly sonic textures created by by Johan Ekelove aka Introspectral. “This pack is the third in a trilogy of […]

Punching Percussion Free Sound Effects Pack by 99Sounds

99Sounds has released Punching Percussion, a freeware collection of punches sounds, impacts and more sound effects recorded and designed by Joshua Crispin aka Generdyn, an Australian talented sound designer. This free sample pack includes 105 raw fist punch and stick hits that can be used in various projects such as fighting sound effects for movies […]

Cartoon Sound Effects Pack by Orange Free Sounds

Orange Free Sounds releases Cartoon Sound Effects, a freeware collection funny cartoon sound effects in Wav format. This collection features Boom, Crash, Wow, Boing, Zap, Bang, Smash, Ooops, Wham and others comic sounds. You can use this sounds in apps, games, ringontes, music production or just for your fun. In total this pack includes 50 […]

Robostep V2 FX Sample Pack by Push Button Bang

Push Button Bang brings Robostep V2, a great collection of special sound effects for Cinematic styles, Dark Dubstep, twisted Drum n Bass, Tech Breaks, Game Audio and media post production. Robostep 2 continues the style of dark and deformed robot-style movements, drops and breakdowns from the first awarded part: Robostep V1 With over 350 24-bit WAV […]

Free Casual Game Sounds – Single Shot SFX Pack by Dustyroom

Dustyroom releases Casual Game Sounds – Single Shot SFX Pack, a free for download collection of original hand-crafted one-shot sounds. This sample pack includes essential audio material covering most events of any casual game, i.e. short blips for bonuses, tight snappy clicks for tile removal, ticking clocks for depicting the level running out of time […]