Roland Announces the TR-8S Rhythm Performer

When the Roland TR 808 was released, it marked one of the greatest twists of modern music. The impact of the TR 808 has established many genres of electronic music, imposed new standards and launched new musical genres, many bands hugging this modern sound. A few years later, the TR 909 emerged, which further increased […]

TR-808 Eurorack Clone Introduced by System 80

System80 has presented on his Youtube channel their new clone of the Roland TR-808 drum machine, named at this moment Rhythm Composer 808. In the video below you can see that this new Eurorack drum machine is smaller, due the modular Eurorack format. It features 12 instrument channels and 16 fully analog drum voices with individual […]

CES 2017: Rubix Audio Interfaces Revealed by Roland

Roland presents this year at CES 2017 their new Rubix audio interfaces line including 3 units: Rubix 22, Rubix 24 and Rubix 44. Roland starts the year 2017 in force with these three audio interfaces revealed this year at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2017 that offers a perfectly balanced combination of high-fidelity sound, solid build quality, […]

SYSTEM-8 PLUG-OUT Synthesizer Released by Roland

Roland intros SYSTEM-8 PLUG-OUT, a new advanced expandable synthesizer featuring 8-voice, 3 oscillator synthesizer, 49 keys and a whole lot of high-resolution knobs and sliders. Also it brings the next-gen acclaimed ACB (Analog Circuit Behavior) technology. This new ACB technology is capable to accurately recreate historic analog sounds with forward-thinking technology. The new Roland SYSTEM-8 is equipped with the […]

Best VST Synth Plugins Released in 2015 (Chronological)

We’ve picked some of the best VST synth plugins that attracted our attention in 2015. We’ve sorted all synth plugins in chronological order of they release – not to be confused with a “top list”. Each of these plugins is unique, each brings something new, so any of them worth your attention if you are looking […]

SYSTEM-100 PLUG-OUT Synth Plugin by Roland

Roland has released SYSTEM-100 PLUG-OUT, a new software synthesizer which reproduces the SYSTEM-100, a legendary semi-modular mono-synth created in 1975. Also, combines the original Model 101 Synthesizer and Model 102 Expander intro a single interface so you can use both VCOs, both LFOs, S&H, Ring Mod and so on, without patching. Roland managed to create […]

Musikmesse 2015: News and Releases by Roland

This year at Musikmesse 2015, Roland brings many new, interesting products such as System-500 Synth, Aira modular range and Blues Cube guitar amps series. Below you’ll find details about new products announced by them and their main features. System-500 Analogue Synth Roland announces development of System-500, an all-new, fully analogue modular synthesizer based on two […]

Sound Canvas iOS Synth App by Roland

Roland released Sound Canvas, a new iOS application that emulates perfectly the highly popular GS format sound source, along with a built-in SMF* player for playing Standard MIDI Files. Since the first Roland Sound Canvas, the SC-55, was released in 1991, the series has become tremendously popular among desktop music hobbyists. The expression and versatility […]

Mobile UA – USB Audio Interface by Roland

It seems that Roland has prepared more news for us this summer of 2014. Beside HS-5 Session Mixer and the SBX-1 Sync Box (both released in September 2014), Roland brings Mobile UA, a new ultra-compact USB audio interface featuring the newly developed S1LKi sound technology. This extremely compact, bus-powered USB D/A converter plays both PCM audio […]