10 Best Drum Machine VST Plugin Instruments

Best Drum VST Plugins Virtual Instruments

When comes to make a drum track using our DAW, many producers are accustomed to using Drum Samples packs that include one-shot sounds in Wav format. Others use soft samplers, such as Kontakt with some free or commercial Drum Libraries added. This choice is based primarily, I think, because of the affordable price compared with […]

BLUE II Synth Plugin Updated at v1.0.0.b by Rob Papen

Rob Papen announced the release of version 1.0.0.b for BLUE II Synth Plugin that brings new improvements and fixes. Blue II was released in the spring of 2014 and quickly became one of the most popular virtual synth software used by thousands of music producers. With a very nice and clean design, huge presets bank and […]

REVIEW: Blue II Virtual Synthesizer Plugin by Rob Papen

Rob Papen brings Blue II, a brand new virtual synthesizer software who comes to complete the first version of BLUE released in 2005. Blue II was first introduced at beginning of this year at NAMM 2014 and features many innovations. Rob Papen and Jon Ayers managed to create a formidable synth that provide more oscillators, modulation […]

MusikMesse 2014: Blue II Synth Plugin by Rob Papen

Rob Papen announced at MusikMesse 2014 the release of Blue II, a new cross-fusion plugin synth. BLUE-II takes the useful XY pad features from its popular virtual instrument sibling Blade — a cutting-edge additive synthesis powerhouse with a human touch — and transplants them into its own equally extraordinary workflow… perfect for time-based sound movements […]

RP-Amod Dual Modulation Effect Plugin by Rob Papen

Rob Papen releases RP-Amod, a dual modulation plugin, free for download for all registered Rob Papen users. As you will probably know, a modulator is a term that is used in synthesizers. They are various types of settings that can change and alter a sound. With RP-AMOD you can use it’s modulators to alter your audio in different […]

RP-Dock Free Plugin Host for Windows and Mac by Rob Papen

Rob Papen releases RP-Dock plugin host free for download for Windows and Mac that will help you to host Rob Papen products. RP-Dock is a standalone host application for all our current Rob Papen products. From BLUE to Blade, and all our FX plug-ins can also be loaded! There are handy features like tempo setting […]

RP-Dock Instrument and Effect Plugin by Rob Papen

RP-Dock is a new Instrument and Effect Plugin released by Rob Papen. RP-Dock hosts the Blade synthesizer plug-in. This new plugin is available free for now just for Mac, Windows version will come soon. RP-Dock is a standalone host application for all our current Rob Papen products. From BLUE to Blade, and all our FX […]

New RP-Verb Reason Rack Extension by Rob Papen

RP-Verb is a new Rack Extension for Propellerhead Reason released by Rob Papen. This rack extension features reverb effects, distorsion and EQ modules. You’ve spent hours on your track? Working and reworking every part to bring your musical vision to life. And you know that the quality of your reverb can be the difference between […]

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