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Freqshift – Analog Frequency Shifter by Audio Damage

Audio Damage has released the Freqshift, a new digital recreation of the analog frequency shifter modules of decades long gone. Unlike the more common pitch shifter, which raises or lower the pitch of a sound by some ratio (such as an octave or a fifth), frequency shifters add a specific frequency ( 321Hz, for example) […]

Review: Steinberg UR44 USB Audio Interface

Review Steinberg UR44 Audio Interface

With the UR series from Steinberg, the Hamburg DAW manufacturers have a wide range of products for everything to do with audio interfaces. After we recently took a closer look at the two-channel UR22, we are now turning our attention to the larger Steinberg’s UR44 audio interface, which has additional channels and a significant number […]

DJ44 – Traktor Pro and Ableton Controller by Faderfox

Faderfox has released the DJ44, new controller that can be used with Traktor Pro and Ableton Live. DJ44 is a solid travel-controller for mobile DJs. The DJ44 is the first member of a new line called SOLID CONTROL. The device is packed in a covered aluminum case with massive aluminum face-plate and high quality controls. You will […]

Best Affordable Active Studio Monitors for Beginners

If you just start to build your mini studio or want to change the audio monitors that you already have, I present a list of 3 of the best studio monitors for semi-professional studios but with a very good price and high performance and quality. 1. M-Audio BX5 D2 M-Audio BX5 D2 – These monitors are […]

MPC Element and MPC Essentials by AKAI Professional

Akai Professional has introduced MPC Element along with its new software platform, MPC Essentials. With dimensions similar to popular tablet computers, MPC Element is Akai Professional’s most portable MPC yet, and it’s also the most affordable with a price of $149.99 USD. The essential instrument for computer-based music production, MPC Element brings powerful music-making capability […]

New K712 Pro Studio Professional Headphones by AKG

AKG has released K712 PRO, a new model of professional studio headphones for precision listening, mixing and mastering. Best quality and performance for musicians and producers. The K712 PROs are reference, open, over-ear headphones for precise listening, mixing and mastering. The over-ear design guarantees maximum wearing comfort for fatigue-free mixing and mastering, while providing spacious […]

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