CES 2017: Rubix Audio Interfaces Revealed by Roland

Roland presents this year at CES 2017 their new Rubix audio interfaces line including 3 units: Rubix 22, Rubix 24 and Rubix 44. Roland starts the year 2017 in force with these three audio interfaces revealed this year at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2017 that offers a perfectly balanced combination of high-fidelity sound, solid build quality, […]

MiniLab MkII Controller Announced by Arturia

Arturia has announced MiniLab MkII, a space-saving keyboard/pad/controller designed for those producers or musicians who are traveling a lot, or for small home studios. The new Arturia’s MiniLab Mk II combines a two-octave, velocity-sensitive keyboard with 16 rotary knobs (2 of them with pressure function) and 8 pressure-impact-sensitive RGB backlit performance pads that can be […]

BLOCKS Released by ROLI

ROLI has released BLOCKS, an ingenious LEGO-like music creation system that opens up a new world of electronic music-making to everyone. BLOCKS consists of three ‘modules’, each individual Block offering a unique capability that will let you create music in simple but far-reaching ways. The Lightpad Block features a tactile, glowing surface allowing you to shape […]

Monologue Monophonic Analogue Synth Released by KORG

KORG has released monologue, a new monophonic analogue synthesizer, with its own sound, new voicing, and creative sound shaping capabilities. Monologue is a compact synthesizer instrument with 25 velocity-sensitive mini-tones. Also, it features two oscillators with several waveforms for the sound, plus a mixer section. Korg wants the units filter (with cutoff and resonance), drive, […]

10 Best Audio Interfaces for Home Studios

10 Best Audio Interfaces for Home Studios

This article showcasing some of the best affordable audio interfaces on the market for home studios. When it comes to home studio equipment, usually one big word comes to our mind: “Affordable“. This list of audio interfaces is no exception, prices are between $80 dollars and a maximum of $300, so any music producer/sound engineer […]

MASCHINE JAM Released by Native Instruments

Native Instruments has released MASCHINE JAM, a unique music production modern digital instrument designed for fast, intuitive sequencing and track building in perfect synchronization with NI Maschine software. Maschine Jam features an 8×8 multicolor click-pad matrix that ca be used to sequence and arrange your tracks. MASCHINE JAM’s powerful step sequencer allow you to create […]

ARP Odyssey Duophonic Synthesizer Announced by KORG

Korg announces ARP Odyssey Module, a duophonic synthesizer module that features the true ARP Odyssey’s analog sound by replicating the original unit’s circuitry. ARP Odyssey analog synthesizer was first released in 1972 and has been loved by countless musicians. Then in 2015, Korg in collaboration with David Friend, co-founder of the ARP Instruments managed to […]

PT01 Scratch Portable Turntable Announced by Numark

Good news for DJs! Numark has released the PT01 Scratch portable turntable that let you scratch and cut anywhere. Numark PT01 Scratch includes Numark’s exclusive Adjustable Scratch Switch™ that gives you the perfect way to scratch even you are in your home studio or outdoors with your friends. Also, the PT01 allow you to scratch […]

Musikmesse 2016: ONE – USB MAC Audio Interface by Apogee

Apogee Digital intros this year at Musikmesse 2016 their ONE, a new all-in-one portable USB audio interface for MAC users. ONE will give you everything you need to make professional recordings featuring exceptional built-in omnidirectional microphone allowing you to capture any sound without compromise. Also, ONE includes Apogee’s industry-leading AD/DA conversion and mic preamp technology. […]

Musikmesse 2016: TORAIZ SP-16 by Pioneer DJ

TORAIZ SP-16 Sampler & Step Sequencer by Pioneer DJ Pioneer DJ announces at Musikmesse 2016 the TORAIZ SP-16, a new professional sampler instrument and sequencer created in close collaboration with the famous synth developer Dave Smith, featuring its Prophet-6 analogue filters for perfectly timed one-shots and loops. TORAIZ SP-16 Sampler & Step Sequencer features a […]

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