PreSonus Presents ATOM – New USB Pad Controller

Presonus ATOM Pad Controller

Presonus introduces their new USB pad controller called ‘Atom‘. Atom is a pad controller with 16 full-size velocities and pressure sensitive RGB pads. For example, with eight assignable pad banks, you should be able to assign an entire virtual drum rack to each pad within each bank. ATOM is compatible with most music software and lets […]

Buying An Audio Interface – Buyer’s Guide

Audio Interface Buyer Guide

The heart of your computer is the sound card for music production. Check here the inportance of an audio interface. The issue is, there is a bewildering quantity of audio interfaces on the market today. For amateurs, knowing what you need and why is critical and for seasoned pros, the interface market can still be […]

Keystation MK3 Series Announced by M-Audio

M-Audio presents the Keystation MK3 series and releases the third generation of controller keyboards with Keystation 61 MK3, Keystation 49 MK3 and Keystation Mini 32 MK3. Designed by the pioneering company in the world of music production, the new Keystation 49 MK3, Keystation 61 MK3 and Keystation Mini 32 MK3 models are the ideal solution […]

KeyLab MkII MIDI Controller Released by Arturia

Arturia announces the Keylab MKII, an improved version of their MIDI controller. Keylab MKII will be available in two versions, as a 49-key keyboard and as a 61-key keyboard, and will combine the features of the predecessor with Keylab Essential features and some new features. On the hardware side, the controllers are equipped with a […]

5 Headphones for Music Producers on a Budget

5 Budget Affordable Headphones For Music Producers

We can all agree that studio headphones are not the usual ones that we wear while walking or jogging. I wanted to understand the difference, and the first time I heard it, it wasn’t so revolutionary. I expected to hear something that will bring me closer to the understanding of studio headphones. I noticed that […]

NAMM 2018: IK Multimedia Announces iRig Stomp I/O

IK Multimedia has announced at NAMM 2018 the iRig Stomp I/O is a hardware controller that works with iOS, PC, and Mac. It comes in a steel case with four switches on the top, an expression pedal and an audio interface (24-bit / 96kHz). You can use iRig Stomp I / O to set and change […]

NAMM 2018: iD44 New USB Audio Interface by Audient

NAMM 2018 Booth #10602, Anaheim, CA: Audient announces a new audio interface: iD44 – their most powerful USB audio interface released until now, offering a total of 20 inputs and 24 outputs. The Audient iD44 is a USB 2.0 interface. The user interface features four “channel strips” with a gain potentiometer, signal and peak LED, […]

NAMM 2018: Focusrite Announces Clarett USB Audio Interfaces

Focusrite introduces this year at NAMM 2018 edition their new Clarett USB audio interface series that set the bar in terms of sound at an affordable price. The Clarett USB Series includes three interfaces: Clarett 2Pre USB (10-in, 4-out), Clarett 4Pre USB (18-in, 8-out) and Clarett 8Pre USB (18-in, 20-out). These are now also available for […]

Review: Keylab Essentials 61 MIDI Keyboard by Arturia

I’m pleased to introduce you and review a new controller that has fallen into my hand recently, it’s Arturia KeyLab Essential 61, a more compact and fun-to-use version of KeyLab61. For years, Arturia has been striving to make its authentically emulated vintage instruments easy to play and to control thanks to specially designed midi-keyboards. We […]

FaderPort 16 DAW Controller Announced by PreSonus

PreSonus has released the FaderPort 16, a larger version of their FaderPort 8 DAW controller released back in 2016, with 16 touch-sensitive, motorized faders. After the FaderPort 8, Presonus introduces the lush FaderPort 16, which, wants to meet all requirements as a gigantic DAW controller. The new PreSonus FaderPort 16 controller works with 16 moPreSonusand […]

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