MusikMesse 2014: New Oxygen Controller Models by M-Audio

M-Audio releases at MusikMesse 2014 their new Oxygen controller models, Oxygen 25, Oxygen 49 and Oxygen 61. Each of this keyboard includes a powerful software suite that will provide you the right tools to create music right away: Ableton Live Lite and SONiVOX Twist synth software are included. Also this series of keyboards works with […]

MusikMesse 2014: Rhythm Wolf Drum Machine by AKAI

AKAI unveils at MusikMesse 2014 the Rhythm Wolf, a new drum machine and bass analog synthesizer with built-in sequencing. The drum machine section of the Rhythm Wolf comprises kick, snare, metallic percussion, and open and closed hi-hat sounds, all of which are tuneable. The bass synth, meanwhile, can be switched between saw and square waveshapes, […]

MusikMesse 2014: Fireface 802 Audio Interface by RME

RME announces at MusikMesse 2014 the Fireface 802, new USB and FireWire Audio Interface that brings many new features and new innovations. The Fireface 802 is a highly integrated pro audio solution, a full-blown studio, all within a 19” enclosure. An interface designed for users who don’t want to make compromises in sound, stability and ultra-low […]

Tube Microphones – Buyer’s Guide by Alan Steward

So, you want a Tube Microphone? It seems to be the holy grail of recording these days, getting that analog sound back into your recording. After more than 2 decades of recording digitally, we still long for that warm sound of the analog consoles and recording gear from yesterday. We are still looking to add […]

NAMM 2014: 8010 New Audio Monitors Series by Genelec

Genelec has unveiled at NAMND 2014 the 8010, a new series of audio monitors from they 8000 range of studio monitors. The Genelec 8000 Series is widely used in broadcast, music and post-production studios around the world. The new Genelec 8010 allows professionals to work in compact studios and on the move with an accurate monitoring tool. The […]

Condenser Microphones vs. Dynamic Microphones

In this days you can find many good microphones, and much cheaper than they were a few years ago. If you have a good microphone, a good performer, and a good room to record, you can get excellent recordings results. Microphones are varied, and everyone is wondering what microphone needs to record something. There not […]

umidi – Custom DJ Controller by KickStarter

As KickStarter presents this new controller: umidi – The world’s first custom DJ controller. This mean you can design it on their website and they will build and ship it to you anywhere in the world! umidi is a custom DJ controller you design. Using our design interface, you can choose up to 36 components […]

Freqshift – Analog Frequency Shifter by Audio Damage

Audio Damage has released the Freqshift, a new digital recreation of the analog frequency shifter modules of decades long gone. Unlike the more common pitch shifter, which raises or lower the pitch of a sound by some ratio (such as an octave or a fifth), frequency shifters add a specific frequency ( 321Hz, for example) […]

UR44 Audio Interface Announced by Steinberg

Steinberg announces their new UR44 Audio Interface. This will be available from January 2014. Steinberg UR44 six-in, four-out USB audio interface, featuring comprehensive connectivity, studio-grade sound quality and great software bundle. UR44 Audio Interface is the perfect balance between connectivity and portability: the UR44 is a powerful audio/MIDI interface designed to suit a huge range […]

DJ44 – Traktor Pro and Ableton Controller by Faderfox

Faderfox has released the DJ44, new controller that can be used with Traktor Pro and Ableton Live. DJ44 is a solid travel-controller for mobile DJs. The DJ44 is the first member of a new line called SOLID CONTROL. The device is packed in a covered aluminum case with massive aluminum face-plate and high quality controls. You will […]

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