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Review: MONARK Virtual Synth by Native Instruments

In this review of the Native Instruments Komplete 11 bundle, we are going to be going over a Reaktor ensemble virtual synth called MONARK. MONARK is a software synth that according to the Native Instruments website is modeled after the undisputed king of monophonic analog synthesizers which we all know to be a Moog even […]

Review: FLESH Reaktor Instrument by Native Instruments

In this review, we are going to be going over other Native Instruments’ new Reaktor 6 virtual instrument, called FLESH (also included in KOMPLETE 11). Flesh is a synth for Reaktor that is created by cooperation between Tim Exile and the people at Native Instruments and was mainly designed for live performances and quick inspirational moments. FLESH […]

Amazing Scope Suite for Reaktor by Amazing Machines

Amazing Machines has released Amazing Scope Suite for Reaktor music software, a collection of 3 original Reaktor Ensembles featuring Freezed Waveform Navigation, Tempo Synced Triggering and MIDI Triggering. This bundle will change the way you see Waveforms in your DAW. The Amazing Scope Suite brings the Oscilloscope to your DAW, an Essential Tool that has […]

MOLEKULAR – Effects for REAKTOR by Native Instruments

Native Instruments releases MOLEKULAR, a modular multi-effects system for REAKTOR 5 (also will work on the free version of Reaktor). MOLEKULAR comes with 35 single DSPs – exclusive effects with stunning sound quality and unparalleled musical potential. Load up to four effects at once in MOLEKULAR and take advantage of ultra-flexible routing. A universe of […]

Ultraloop – Remixing Sampler for NI Reaktor

Twsited Tools Ultraloop VST Plugin

Twisted Tools has released Ultraloop, a new loop remixing sampler for the Native Instruments Reaktor sampler. ULTRALOOP combines advanced loop layering, comping, effect processing, and automation techniques to generate new grooves, riffs, and song ideas. In my eyes, Ultraloop is beyond everything I’ve seen about music loop manipulation so far. This is particularly interesting for […]

MSMAX – Maximizer Effect Plugin for Reaktor by Twisted Tools

MSMAX Maximizer VST Effect Plugin

Twisted Tools releases MSMAX – Maximizer Effect and Mid/Side Matrix for Reaktor. MSMAX is a Maximizer effect and Mid/Side utility built for Native Instruments Reaktor. As a Maximizer, MSMAX can be used for anything from subtle to extreme loudness maximization to get individual tracks or mixes sounding loud and finalized. As a Mid/Side maxtrix, MSMAX […]

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