Thor for iPad – Mobile Music Application by Propellerhead

Propellerhead has released Thor, a new mobile music application for iPad featuring a custom mobile interface, expressive playing features and the same great sound as in Reason. Thor for iPad puts the mighty Thor synthesizer at your fingertips. Reason’s legendary flagship synth delivers a thunderous sound, god-like sound sculpting capabilities and an innovative, lighting-fast keyboard […]

3Plex Filter Delay – Reason Rack Extension by Quadelectra

Quadelectra releases 3Plex, a new 3-line filter delay Rack Extension for Propellerhead Reason music making software. 3Plex is not just a filter delay! It’s 3 True Stereo Filter Delay Lines packed in one device! Each Delay Line’s Filtering, Panning and Output Level can be targeted for modulation from one of the 3 built-in LFO units. […]

Reason 7 and Reason Essentials 2 Released by Propellerhead

Propellerhead released for sale today Reason 7 and Reason Essentials 2, major updates to its award-winning music making software line. The latest versions inspire musicians to create more and better music with deep, streamlined mixing and a complete rack for all types of instruments. Buy Reason now and get version 7 for free Not yet […]

Radical Instruments Bundle Rack Extensions by PropellerHead

PropellerHead ahs released the Radical Instruments Bundle, Radical Piano and Radical Keys keyboard Rack Extensions in the Radical Instruments collection. Radical Keys brings you three classic keyboard instruments in a great-sounding package: the Rhodes Mk1, the Wurlitzer and the Pianet-T. Radical Piano comes with three sampled pianos paired with the technology to make an infinite […]

Reason 7 unveiled in London – Full Details

Propellerhead has just unveiled the latest version of its flagship and increasingly multi-functional DAW, Reason 7, at a press event in London. Members of the music press and assorted other music luminaries crowded into the prestigious Red Bull Studios in London to see a hands-on demonstration from Propellerheads’ product specialists and some big name DJs […]

New Reason 7 and Reason Essentials 2 by Propellerhead

Reason 7 and Reason Essentials 2 are very close to release. New Reason 7 and Reason Essentials 2 announced by Propellerhead. This will be a major version of its Reason music software. With over 90 third party Rack Extensions expanding Reason’s rack of instruments and effects already available, Propellerhead has focused its attention on new creative and inspirational improvements for the […]