3 Best Music Software Suggestions for Sound Designers

There is no program that can ever replace our ear, our musical culture, and our imagination, but we have to admit that today’s digital revolution applied to sound design made things a lot simpler, although certainly not immediate. To become a truly professional sound designer you must be a “Yoda” (Jedi Master) of your software […]

Understanding the I/O Setup Within Pro Tools

Understanding the I/O setup within Pro Tools is a crucial piece of knowledge when recording. Depending on what audio interface you are using will affect your I/O options and limitations. For example, using an audio interface with two inputs and two outputs will mean that you only have the ability to record either two mono […]

Pro Tools Tutorial: Efficient Routing in Pro Tools

For any session in the studio to run smoothly, one of the key components is the routing in your DAW. A full understanding of the bus routing system in Pro Tools can save you a huge amount of time and, therefore, money. In my experience, the most important part of working with your routing system […]

NAMM 2015: Pro Tools 12 Music Software Announced by Avid

Avid announced Pro Tools 12 at NAMM 2015. Pro Tools 12 is the next generation of the industry-standard digital audio software. Pro Tools 12 sets the stage for Avid Cloud Collaboration, the upcoming Avid Marketplace, and flexible options, so you can access the industry standard in more affordable ways than ever. Create with a low-cost […]

Audio Engineering Society Convention – AES 2014 Highlights

Audio Engineering Society Convention (AES) 2014 from Los Angeles showcases latest audio technology innovations and best practices and like every year, popular developers and companies from music production/audio industry present their latest products. Avid unveils the S3 control surface, Tascam presents US-16X08 audio interface, SSL brings their new L300 digital console, Harrisonw shows 32cs channel strip. Read […]

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