VirtualCZ Synth Expansion Packs by Plugin Boutique

VirtualCZ synth became very popular shortly after its launch. We had the opportunity to test this plugin and sounds very good indeed, more details you can read here: VirtualCZ Review. If you already own a copy of VirtualCZ and want more sounds, you must know that Plugin Boutique released some very interesting expansion packs to […]

AIR Creative Collection Plugin Bundle by Plugin Boutique

Plugin Boutique and AIR presents AIR Creative Collection, an exclusive 3 plugins bundle including Xpand!2, DB-33, and Mini Grand virtual instruments, and also a big save of over 25%. Let’s look at the content that makes these plugins bundle: Xpand!2 Xpand!2 is part of the Creative Collection and is now available on its own after […]

Review: Carbon Electra Synth Plugin by Plugin Boutique

Carbon Electra Review When I’ve fired up the Carbon Electra synth plugin for the first time, I’ve found myself at home! This is an analog-style polysynth. with some few modern tweaks. In the user manual, they say it’s an advanced learning tool thanks to the graphic displays, whilst being powerful and easy to program synth, and […]

Carbon Electra VST/AU Synth Plugin by Plugin Boutique

Plugin Boutique proudly presents Carbon Electra, a powerful and intuitive VST/AU synth plugin built by producers, for producers. Carbon Electra is a four-oscillator subjective synth plugin with a modern feature set. It has been developed as an advanced learning tool whilst also being a powerful and easy to program synth. It is based on vintage analogue […]

40% OFF Introductory Sale on AIR Plugins at Plugin Boutique

Plugin Boutique announced the Exclusive Introductory Sale, 40% Off on AIR Music Technology plugins on their web-store. AIR Music Technology company is based in Germany, and is responsible for the core of Avid’s Pro Tools® software effects, also they have developed several award-winning virtual instruments specifically for Pro Tools. AIR’s mission is to create the […]

VirtualCZ Synth Plugin Updated To v1.0.2 by Plugin Boutique

Plugin Boutique releases a new update for their VirtualCZ synth plugin. VirtualCZ is a phase distortion synthesizer that emulates the famous CZ synths from the 80s and 90s. This new update brings some new improvements and fix several issues. Changes in VirtualCZ v1.0.2: Added MIDI Learn (right click control) Improved note stealing behaviour Fixed sustain pedal behaviour […]

Best Analog Synthesizers Emulation VST Plugins

If you want the sound of classic hardware synthesizers in your DAW then check the list bellow for some of the best vintage synth VST, AU plug-ins. Softsynths are definitely the most convenient option when it comes to synthesizers and if you’re keeping your entire music production inside of your DAW, virtual instruments are the […]

VirtualCZ Synth Updated to v1.0.1 by Plugin Boutique

Plugin Boutique updates their VirtualCZ plugin to v1.0.1, fixing several issues and adding a new “Auto send SysEx” function. VirtualCZ Change Log – v1.0.1: Quantise hz/ms/cents 0-99 conversions Stop re-triggering held notes on preset/certain parameter changes Fixed voice stealing when note-ons arrive in same block (i.e. chords) (SYSEX) Added “Auto Send SYSEX” option to TOOLS […]

Review: VirtualCZ VST Synth Plugin by Rafael

Think of a poly synth that’s purely beautifully digital and shows with pride its condition… Think again… Now you’ve got it! The guys from Plugin Boutique have recreated this digital wonder from mid 80s, the Casio’s CZ series of synths with their VirtualCZ, and right now, I’m feeling very anxious to review it! A little […]

VirtualCZ VST Synth Plugin by Plugin Boutique

Plugin Boutique present VirtualCZ, a very nice virtual instrument that models the famous CZ synths from the 80s and 90s. Featuring some great leads, basses, pads, percussion and Rave Organ, VirtualCZ will fit into a wide range of music genres such as house, rave, pop, techno and more. The CZ synths are still used today […]