Review: Free Beat Zampler RX Sampler VST Plugin

Review Beat Zampler Free VST Sampler Player

Beat Zampler RX is a free sampler plugin that includes a variety of ways to sculpt and manipulate REX and SFZ sounds and samples. Zampler RX offers numerous advantages in music production. Low CPU consumption despite complex sounds and thousands of free samples are among the most powerful arguments. Zampler RX processes the widespread formats […]

BIGKick & StereoSavage Bundle Now Available

Plugin Boutique introduces the BigKick & StereoSavage Bundle available via their website for a limited time only! This bundle pack includes two of their highly regarded and awarded plugins developed in collaboration with Credland Audio company. First is the BigKick (Kick Drum Generator) that can generate awesome drums right from the ground and the second […]

StereoSavage Updated to Version 1.2.0 by Plugin Boutique

StereoSavage Update! Version 1.2.0 Released! Plugin Boutique has announced a new updated for their StereoSavage plugin. The new version 1.2.0 includes significant changes to the metering, as well as the addition of a new “split” effect. Update Includes: New SPLIT effect Improved stereo display goniometer New real-time phase correlation meter Multiple Bug Fixes for improved […]

Review: StereoSavage Stereo Width Plugin by Plugin Boutique

StereoSavage Review It’s always refreshing to review any of the plugins from Plugin Boutique, and in this case, something completely different from what most of us are used to. Open your plugin list, and check how many stereo image manipulation plugins you’ve got. I’ll wait… Maybe a couple? Three at the most? Now, check again […]

StereoSavage Announced by Plugin Boutique

PluginBoutique soon announces the launch of StereoSavage, a new innovative stereo toolbox that brings your mix to life. You must know that this plugin was developed by Jim Credland, the same developer behind popular PluginBoutique’s BigKick plugin. [Read BigKick Review] This new plugin combines for the first time multiple stereo enhancement utilities and tested studio techniques […]

Best VST Synth Plugins Released in 2015 (Chronological)

We’ve picked some of the best VST synth plugins that attracted our attention in 2015. We’ve sorted all synth plugins in chronological order of the release – not to be confused with a “top list”. Each of these plugins is unique, each brings something new, so many of them are worth your attention if you are […]

Hip Hop Plugins & Samples Bundle by Plugin Boutique

Plugin Boutique brings Hip-Hop Bundle, a unique selection of best Hip Hop plugins and audio samples for Hip Hop music producers. “What are the best plugins for Hip Hop music production?” Well, Plugin Boutique gathered some of the best Hip Hop plugins and samples, such as Beat Machine, Bass Engine and Vinyl Strip, in one single […]

EXHALE Modern Vocal Engine Plugin by Output

Plugin Boutique announce the availability of EXHALE, “the world’s first modern vocal engine” plugin at their online store. “For years, vocal instruments have provided a way to portray the sound of a real live singer or choir in a track. In speaking with music makers, Output found the number one frustration with vocal instruments was […]

Mixing & Mastering Plugin Bundle by Plugin Boutique

Plugin Boutique brings Mix & Master Plugin Bundle, a collection of useful mixing and mastering plugins developed by Acon Digital, FXpansion and PSP Audioware. These plugins are the perfect tools to be used in any musical composition, in the final mixes or even to be used on individual instrument tracks. For instance, PSP Vintage Warmer 2 is […]

VirtualCZ Synth Expansion Packs by Plugin Boutique

VirtualCZ synth became very popular shortly after its launch. We had the opportunity to test this plugin and sounds very good indeed, more details you can be read here: VirtualCZ Review. If you already own a copy of VirtualCZ and want more sounds, you must know that Plugin Boutique released some very interesting expansion packs […]

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