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Review: Thrill Cinematic Virtual Instrument by NI

This time let’s have a look at Thrill recently published by Native Instruments. This amazing library got created by a long-time collaborator of NI, Galaxy Instruments, who also brought us gems like „Una Corda“, „the Giant“ and „Rise and Hit“. From that we know already we can set our expectations high and probably won’t be […]

Review: Kinetic Toys Kontakt Library by Native Instruments

Few companies in music software are as renowned as Native Instruments. Their samples of acoustic instruments or their digital synths are state of the art. Sometimes though, we don’t want to rely on presets and ready-made sounds. We want to create our own samples and instruments. So we get ourselves a field recorder and start […]

Review: Strummed Acoustic 2 by Native Instruments

I’m pleased to present you the new Strummed Acoustic 2 from Native Instruments. Note that this isn’t an update or something like that. It is the second Installation, of “Strummed Acoustic”, and it builds on the first one. It comes with a bunch of new features and some changes, that show that NI listens to their […]

KINETIC TREATS Free KONTAKT Instrument Released by NI

Native Instruments presents KINETIC TREATS, a new free Kontakt instrument that creates evolving sounds and textures from a library of carefully sampled vintage children’s toys. This free Kontakt virtual instrument comes with a unique 3D interface that enables high-level control of sonic parameters via the movements of a vintage music box and a tin robot. […]

Review: “Una Corda” Kontakt Instrument by Native Instruments

The Story Around 2014 in an Italian pizza restaurant, an idea for a new type of piano with only one string per note sprung into the minds of piano builder David Klavins and musician Nils Frahm both thought this was such an intriguing idea that they decided it should be built and after only a […]

Review: MONARK Virtual Synth by Native Instruments

In this review of the Native Instruments Komplete 11 bundle, we are going to be going over a Reaktor ensemble virtual synth called MONARK. MONARK is a software synth that according to the Native Instruments website is modeled after the undisputed king of monophonic analog synthesizers which we all know to be a Moog even […]

MASCHINE JAM Released by Native Instruments

Native Instruments has released MASCHINE JAM, a unique music production modern digital instrument designed for fast, intuitive sequencing and track building in perfect synchronization with NI Maschine software. Maschine Jam features an 8×8 multicolor click-pad matrix that ca be used to sequence and arrange your tracks. MASCHINE JAM’s powerful step sequencer allow you to create […]

Review: FLESH Reaktor Instrument by Native Instruments

In this review, we are going to be going over other Native Instruments’ new Reaktor 6 virtual instrument, called FLESH (also included in KOMPLETE 11). Flesh is a synth for Reaktor that is created by cooperation between Tim Exile and the people at Native Instruments and was mainly designed for live performances and quick inspirational moments. FLESH […]

KOMPLETE 11 Announced by Native Instruments

Native Instruments announces KOMPLETE 11, KOMPLETE 11 ULTIMATE, and KOMPLETE 11 SELECT,  the 11th generation of their industry-leading KOMPLETE collections. These latest releases come with new products to KOMPLETE and KOMPLETE ULTIMATE, and introduce a new member of the portfolio: KOMPLETE 11 SELECT. KOMPLETE 11 incorporates seven new instruments, including the highly innovative and brand-new […]

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