How To Calculate Delay And Reverb Times Like A Nerd

How To Calcualte Delay And Rverb Times Like A Nerd

The grooves and flow of a song are reinforced by syncing compressors, delays, and reverbs to the tempo of the song. But what happens if your delays, reverbs, or compressors don’t have a tempo sync feature? Below, I will show you how to calculate the note length in milliseconds like a nerd. How to convert […]

How Important is Music Theory for Music Producers

Music theory is the understanding of music and its content. It includes chords, triads, scales, harmony etc. Music theory is huge, there is no limit on what you can learn about it. Learning music theory will expand your musical knowledge hugely and help your tunes massively. Many music producers believe that they don’t need to […]

Music Software Common Terminology for Music Producers

Bellow, I tried to cover some of the common words most commonly found in today’s music-making software. I did not go into many details because there are many words in this field. If you want to add anything to this list you can do it in the Comments section below of this post. Audio File […]

Music Theory: Introduction to Polyrhythms or Cross Rhythms

What are Polyrhythms? Without going into too-technical theory, a polyrhythm is made from two or more rhythms that haven’t been designed to work together, played at the same time. We classifying polymetre as a form of polyrhythm for the purposes of this tutorial, although some would argue that it doesn’t really qualify, since a polymetric […]

Music Theory – Chords, Harmony and Melody Tips

The importance of rhythm in melody-writing should not be overlooked. Add syncopation to make tunes less predictable, and remember, you don’t have to have melody notes landing right on the first beat of the bar. You could even bring your melody in an eighth-note ahead of the bar for a ‘pushing’ feel (you may want […]

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