Ableton Mixing Tips and Tricks: EQing Piano by Rafael

When mixing, many times we face problems like the bass guitar masking the kick, or some rock guitars messing with the lead vocal even though they are hard-panned and the vocal is right in the center. The common mistake: go to the faders and start moving them up and down, or grab our compressors, just […]

Skills That You Must Have To Become a Good DJ

Not everyone would opt for a profession as a DJ. If you are one of those who want to be the center of any party and if you enjoy and love mixing songs for your friends or a dance party, then it is the time for you to learn to become a good DJ. For […]

Tips To Buy Your Own Guitar – How and What To Choose

If you are a music freak, then at some point in time or another you must have got the idea to own a musical instrument and to learn to play it. One of the instruments that many of us would have once dreamt of owning is the guitar. There is something about this instrument that […]

How To Record Best Guitar Sound – Tips by Ariel Rimoldi

I usually hear about doing a record with guitar amp and FX modeling plug-ins is the wrong way to a poor, fluffy and  flat sound, without harmonics. But it´s not true! First thing we have to do is to forget about adding a VST Plug-in and pretend to have the job done. It’s much more laborious. This particular […]

TIPS: Mixer Signal Paths, Routing and Grouping

Below I present some mixing techniques and explanations about the main knobs and controllers from an audio Mixer. Much of the mixers power lies in its ability to interrupt, route and re-route signals for practical or creative purposes. Each channel strip has a pan control, allowing a sound to be positioned between the left and […]

Tube Microphones – Buyer’s Guide by Alan Steward

So, you want a Tube Microphone? It seems to be the holy grail of recording these days, getting that analog sound back into your recording. After more than 2 decades of recording digitally, we still long for that warm sound of the analog consoles and recording gear from yesterday. We are still looking to add […]

How To Prepare For a Great Vocal Session by Alan Steward

It’s a fact. Vocals are still (and probably always will be) the most important part of most recording sessions. Not many instrumental productions ever reach hit status. So, you want your vocal recordings the best they can be. How To Prepare For a Great Vocal Session?  Where do you start? Many engineers would jump up […]

Recording and Audio Editing Tips and Techniques

Bit depths such as 24-bit and 32-bit offers a considerably better theoretical dynamic range than 16-bit. From a practical perspective, although supported by some DAWs, 32-bit isn’t much help for recording, as interface converters operate at 24-bit maximum (barring a few exotic units). However, 24-bit is excellent as it allows you to operate well below […]

Stereo Width and Depth – Mixing Tips and Techniques

Width and Depth in an audio mix will create the illusion of three dimensions on a stereo field. Below you will find some good mixing tips on how to get width and depth in your mix. Also, you can read about pitching techniques, panning techniques, delay, reverbs, a bunch of useful plugins and more. At the […]

Tips On Using VST Effects Plugins in Mastering Process

Audio mastering can improve and enhance a final mix and make it sound good on as many playback systems as possible, so start with as high a quality source file (wav files at 24-bit will be okay). Remove any master bus effects and turn down your master output so your highest peaks hit at around […]

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