5 Tips For Buying a NEW Analog Synthesizer

Five things you should do when buying a new analog synth! When you buy a new synth and it finally arrives home, sometimes, you may get too anxious and spend three or four hours just browsing through presets and end up tired and not knowing any of its potential, so here, I’m gonna present you […]

5 Tips For Effective Sound Design

The whole sound design work is a very time-consuming and tiring task and without the necessary knowledge in this area will be quite difficult to get good results. The first thing that is required is the knowledge about this field, after that comes the experience and creativity. It is true that knowledge is the sole […]

Ableton Live Quick Tip – Expanding Your Drum Rack

Overview In my time with Ableton Live software, one of the things I’ve learned with the free-form program is that everybody’s process in the program varies on their own creative process. It’s one of the more interesting elements because it opens the doors for a complete catalog of styles that can be used to make […]

Parallel Compression in Ableton – NY Style by Rafael

How many times have you tried to make your mixes sound really punchy and fat and ended up with over-compressed tracks and a mix that sounds lifeless and dull? In this article, I’m gonna show you how to achieve in Ableton Live that New York sound with a parallel compression trick that will make your […]

Tips About How To Sell Your Work As A Producer

When you feel you have spent a certain amount of time on any craft you find near and dear, you’re going to want to try and figure out how to make a living off it. As producers, we can spend a lot of our time so wrapped in our work, that there really shouldn’t be […]

First Foot Forward To Music Production – Where To Start

Starting Out As A Music Producer In the 8 years or so since I began doing music production on a serious level, I’ve met a plethora of young creatives in one field or another that have wanted to try making music electronically, on an instrumental platform. I get a lot of questions relating to where […]

Delay – The Secret Weapon – Article by Rafael

We all know for sure that the delay is a great effect for adding some space to your mix and make it deeper, but there are some other awesome things you can achieve by using a delay in some creative ways. Let’s see. Making a mono track stereo. One creative way to use delay is […]

Ableton Mixing Tips and Tricks: EQing Vocals by Rafael

And finally the single most difficult element to EQ: the human voice. One thing is for sure, you may wanna filter everything below 100 Hz. Somewhere between 125 Hz and 250 Hz is the fundamental, and between 2 kHz and 4 kHz are the consonant sounds, which, if you boost them will make the vocal […]

Ableton Mixing Tips and Tricks: EQing Drums by Rafael

After I show you How to EQ Pianos and How to EQ Guitars in Ableton, now is time to see how to proceed with the drum sounds: kicks, hi hats, snares, toms and other percussion sounds. When EQing the kick, try a high pass filter on 30 Hz, remember to emphasize somewhat different than the bass […]

Ableton Mixing Tips and Tricks: EQing Guitars by Rafael

After I show you how to EQ Pianos, now is time to learn some tips about how to make the same job for guitars. In the case of a bass guitar, that’s one of the most difficult instruments to EQ, you can add some extra bottom-end boosting between 50 Hz and 80 Hz, but, always […]

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