Musicians and Hearing Loss – Risks and Protection

If you work in the field of music, either as a composer, producer, engineer, designer etc. then you should know that there are certain dangers to which you expose yourself when listening to music with the volume too loud for a long time. Hearing loss is a reality for musicians, so spend the next few minutes […]

How To Make Sub Bass That Sits In The Mix like a PRO

Are you still struggling with mixing your Bass sounds with another element in the music? All the genres of music use Bass instruments and sounds in their compositions, be it EDM or an orchestral piece Bass is always required to fill in the low end of the Audio spectrum. Audio spectrum range for humans is […]

How To Really Use Audio Compression

Well, you just finished recording your drums, bass, guitars, piano, vocals and whatever other instruments you need. Now the first thing to do is go to each track and put on some compression to reduce those crazy peaks and get some volume too, right? Wrong! Audio compressors are not meant to give volume (limiters anyone?) […]

How To Really Use An Equalizer (EQ)

Ah, the go-to tool for any audio engineer – the Equalizer. Sounds like a Saturday morning cartoon villain doesn’t it? Well, it very well can be one. If you don’t use EQ right, it will completely destroy your mix. You probably heard that sentence a dozen times now, followed by suggestions on what frequencies to […]

Ableton Live Quick Tips To Improve Your Workflow

In this article, what we’ll be doing is focusing on the lesser-known techniques & menu items in Ableton Live that may be overlooked by production artists either transitioning from other DAW platforms or looking to get more out of Ableton Live in general. First and foremost, we’ll start off with a couple of short key […]

Stereo Separation Tutorial – How To Use It In A Mix

If you are a music producer, then most likely you’ve heard of stereo separation. Today I will explain what does stereo separation represents. First, it is a great way of creating harmony in music. A well-done stereo separation can create an awesome feeling, and in this article, I’m going to show you how. Before that, […]

Join Your Forces! Quick Tips on Team Work as Producer

What do you see when you think of music production? One guy sitting in front of his computer? Well, we don’t! Although there are undeniable advantages in working alone, working as team has turned out to be really successful for us. We want to share six quick tips that make team work more effective and […]

Ableton Live Tutorial: Operator Percussion “Recipes”

Drum synthesis may not be something you’ve considered, but understanding how to create basic percussive sounds using any synth can open up the way you approach production. The classic analog drum machines such as Roland’s TR 808 and 909 used synthesis techniques to create the most used sounds in current electronic music. Let’s look at […]

How To Cut And Keep The Low End Frequencies

If you’ve ever tried your hand at mixing then you probably already know that the low frequencies are a nightmare! They’re the first thing to build up into mud, the first thing to distort when going louder, but getting rid of them takes away all the impact and meat of a song. It can get […]

Simple Recording Tricks For A Better Mix

Simple Recording Tricks Recently I did an experiment. After so many attempts at getting a good mix, never being satisfied and going over so many tutorials, I began to notice something: In most of those tutorials, the initial recording already sounds really good. An example of my usual routine means calling up the guy who […]

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