5 HOT Tips To Record Your Audio Right The First Time

5 Hot Tips to Make Sure You Record Audio Right the First Time Whether you are a seasoned professional or an indie artist recording in your home studio, recording audio can be a hassle. Recording audio right the first time avoids extra costs in post production when your engineer has to somehow mix out the […]

How To Use Audio Compression and Dynamic Range

The majority of people know what Audio Compression is and what is does but the minority of people know how to use it. There are two different types of compression when dealing with audio: Audio Data Compression Dynamic Range Compression When producing, we use Dynamic Range Compression. Firstly, to understand Dynamic Range Compression, you must understand […]

Loudness War – How Loud is Too Loud

“Loudness War” seems to be over, well at least I keep hearing that statement for the last five years or so, but, with more and more loudness standards over the past couple of years, now it seems to be true. Several services like YouTube, iTunes, Spotify and TV broadcasts now have some kind of standards […]

How To Make A More Powerful Bass

Best Ways To Make A More Powerful Bass I’m a long-time bass player, I’m biased and dead-set on making my bass sound incredible when recorded. It’s taken a long time with a lot of research and experimentation, but I believe I have finally found the simplest and best ways to really make the bass powerful […]

Mixing Tips: Mixing With Frequencies

Normally we use the equalizer to correct or define the sound, we hear the sound, we like it or we don’t, and we modify the equalizer, of course, it’s really important to use your ears to properly use the equalizer, but many people do not know that there is another way to use the equalizer. […]

Pro Tools Tutorial: Setting Up Tracks In A Pro Tools Session

When it comes to setting up a session in Pro Tool there are a few things that you should know. These tips will be a great help to those of you starting out on Pro Tools and looking to get to grips with it as well as more intermittent users that might pick up a […]

Understanding the I/O Setup Within Pro Tools

Understanding the I/O setup within Pro Tools is a crucial piece of knowledge when recording. Depending on what audio interface you are using will affect your I/O options and limitations. For example, using an audio interface with two inputs and two outputs will mean that you only have the ability to record either two mono […]

Pro Tools Tutorial: Efficient Routing in Pro Tools

For any session in the studio to run smoothly, one of the key components is the routing in your DAW. A full understanding of the bus routing system in Pro Tools can save you a huge amount of time and, therefore, money. In my experience, the most important part of working with your routing system […]

3 Steps For A Wider Guitar In The Mix

So, you are happy with your guitar part, the recording went great, the mic placement was just correct, or you got the sound of the amplifier that fits best the song you are creating. Very good! Here is a neat little trick that you may have been overlooking. The great thing about it is that […]

Set The Proper “Headroom” Before Mastering

“Let your music breathe and speak!” What is the “Headroom”? The headroom is the amount of space in dB between 0dB and the point at which your signal processor clipping, peaks that exceed 0dB (1.23 volts) are less likely to distort. If your track has no headroom then it is pretty easy to overload it. Headroom […]

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