How To Re-Master Your Sample Packs

How To Re-Master Your Samples

In this article, I will highlight the basics of what a good music producer should know.  You will learn what exactly the sound is and what is not. When you understand these things you will be able to produce good quality music that will appeal many people. This article is not about any particular DAW […]

5 Mid/Side Processing Techniques To Improve Your Mix

Today’s mixing of music has never been louder, wider, and clearer. The technological advancements in music production software have and continue to increase the quality of music productions. In turn, new techniques have been developed to harness the power of the advanced software. One technique that has played a vital role in the overall quality […]

MAC vs PC: Which is Best for Music Production?

The heart of most home studios is the computer, the sacred place where we keep all our music programs and plug-ins. Many questions from music producers are whether they just have to take an Apple Mac computer or a Windows PC. “MAC or PC? Which is Best for Music Production?” My answer is always: “Buy […]

5 Tips For Recording Quality Audio at Home

As an audio engineer, recording quality audio is one of the hardest things we are faced with. Good audio is critical and essential to the overall quality of your sounds. But the truth is that most people struggle with recording quality audio sounds, especially in their home studios. Also see: 5 Essentials For Your Home Recording […]

Essential Music Production Equipment For Beginners

Many people aspire to be a music producer. At first, it can all seem big and scary. Where to start? What to do? What music production equipment it’s needed? This guide hopes to help beginners and guide them on everything you’ll need at the start. Equipment: A DAW (Digital audio Workstation) This is where all […]

Handy Recording Tips

With sound, it’s pretty obvious that you always need to use your ears as your main tool, for everything. But sometimes when we are recording, we do not pay attention to what it is you are recording, this is a simple tip, but very powerful, especially if you have not experience recording what you are […]

2 Simple Tips To Become A Better Music Producer

Within this article, I will present you two simple tips that will help you to improve your skills and become a better music producer. Many music producers are rushing and jump straight into the action without actually know what to do. So, what you have to do?  These are the mainly first steps on how […]

Using DAW Templates To Improve Your Workflow

Tips to make your workflow increase your productivity. Before the digital era, session preparation could be a headache: zeroing the console, patch every outboard processor you were going to use, setting up the tape machine, having an assistant take notes of every setting, etc, could take some valuable studio time. But nowadays, in the era […]

What is Reamping – Reamp Tips & Tricks

All you need to know and no one ever told you about Reamping! There are several reasons to REAMP something, but, wait. What on earth is REAMP? Well, as it name suggests it’s the technique of re-amplifying something that’s already been recorded. Something that was well played, with the right energy, but, with a sound […]

5 Steps To Save Your Bass Sound

“Dead Strings, Oh No!” How many times has this happened to you? A band comes in, they’re all ready to record and you’re eager to being. The bass player takes out his instrument, plugs it in and…*plump, plump*. His strings are completely worn out! I chose the bass player as our victim because they’re notorious […]