Referencing Mixes in Ableton Live – A Complete Guide

As you know, during mixing it’s always necessary to check the mix on different loudness, for mono compatibility and to compare to reference mixes.In Ableton Live, you can make it literally on the fly thanks to the opportunity to assign the keys of the computer keyboard to complete a wide variety of operations.Importantly, you won’t […]

Five Cases When Audio Mastering is Powerless

Everyone who has been busy in the music industry for a while is familiar with the concept “mastering” and knows what this process includes. But let’s be realistic… Although the mastering engineer indeed estimates audio materials from the perspective of these aspects in order to bring in defined enhancement, genuine mastering of a perfectly mixed […]

5 Tips For Finishing Your Tracks Faster

One of the hardest parts of music production is finishing your music. Every producer has a folder filled with unfinished projects, that contains all of their 8 bar loops, half produced drops and random ideas. Don’t be fooled, even professionals have these uncompleted folders on their hard drive! The worse part is, some of these […]

5 Tips For Using Distortion

Distortion is one of the most popular and widely used effects in all music production. You would be hard pressed to find a song that doesn’t use at least some distortion. Many producers seem to think they can just grab their favorite distortion plugin, throw it on one of their tracks, dial in the dry […]

5 Tips For Creating Gigantic Synths

One of the most sought-after sounds in electronic music is the larger-than-life synths that get us up on our feet and dancing. But how do we get this sound? The key is in the layering! So I can just layer in all my favorite synths and I’ve got the next dance floor hit right? The […]

3 BIG Factors to Consider When Buying an Electric Guitar

Choosing the right guitar can be a painstaking process. At present, the guitar industry is full of many great and quality guitars that you can buy at an affordable price.The objective of this “Electric Guitar Buyers Guide” post is to help you find the best electric guitar taking in consideration 3 BIG factors when buying […]

How To Maximize Your Vocal Workout Regime

So, you are taking vocal lessons trying your best to improve your singing voice. You are doing your regular vocal drills, day in and day out. Although the consistent and rigorous practice is necessary to improve your singing, you need to ensure that your training routine itself is sufficient. Experts suggest that any effective training […]

How To Re-Master Your Sample Packs

How To Re-Master Your Samples

In this article, I will highlight the basics of what a good music producer should know.  You will learn what exactly the sound is and what is not. When you understand these things you will be able to produce good quality music that will appeal to many people. This article is not about any particular […]

5 Mid/Side Processing Techniques To Improve Your Mix

Today’s mixing of music has never been louder, wider, and clearer. The technological advancements in music production software have and continue to increase the quality of music productions. In turn, new techniques have been developed to harness the power of advanced software. One technique that has played a vital role in the overall quality of […]

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