How To Bring More Harmony In Your Mix

To maintain interest throughout a track, make sure changes are anticipated and have the desired impact without being a jarring and unexpected shift. An easy way to build up to the payoff – the “drop” – is to selectively cut out your bassline with a filter beforehand, easing the full frequency range back in over […]

Digital Sound Processing – Tips on How To Get The Best Sound

Finding the perfect sound is not an easy task. The most important thing is to have the desired sound in mind even before you start working and know what effects to use, when and where to apply to get best results. So-called “bitcrusher” effects that reduce sample rate and bit depth aren’t only useful for getting lo-fi sounds. […]

Tips On Using Effects In Vocal Processing and Editing

Whether you’re comping vocals via the traditional audio-editing method or using advanced comping aids such as Logic’s Quick Swipe comping, you can still end up with unwanted by-products such as double breaths, which are a dead giveaway that a vocal has been comped. Editing out all breath sounds from a vocal can make it sound […]

Tips About Studio Monitors and Room Acoustic Treatment

Studio monitors are speakers or a speaker system most used into recording studios, mixing, mastering, radio, TV, and more. The sound engineer shapes the sound depending on what he hears in his audio monitors, making sure that the audio material can be heard properly on any audio system or as many audio systems. Studio monitors […]

How Do You Know When Your MIX Is Ready?

Hip Hop Mix

I was, like many others, in his work on a mix, when it seems that the mix to never end, there is still something to adjust, modify, as you listen you have a little change here, a little change beyond…and then how do you know when your mix is ready? Can you measure it? or […]

Creating a Reverse Reverb in Ableton Live

In this Ableton Live tutorial, I will quickly walk you through the process of how to make a special reverb effect called Reverse Reverb. This is a commonly used effect that goes back to the days when studios used DAT. This effect is still often used to introduce a new motif or vocal. It was […]

Slicing Vocals in Ableton Live – Tutorial by Ashley Young

In this tutorial, we’ll be looking at a method of slicing up a vocal sample and then using it in a techy beat. This method is a fairly common one in various genres including dubstep and house. To start with I’ve taken a simple kick and snare pattern with some high-hats and chosen a fairly […]

Ableton Live Tutorial: Resampling and Splitting Frequencies

In this two part tutorial we will take a basic bass sound, re-sample it, then split the frequencies and apply different FX to each of them. Part 1: Re-Sampling into Simpler So we start off by taking a basic bass sound from NI Massive. The one I’ve chosen sounds a lot like a didgeridoo. Just […]

Get Started With Your Home Studio by Andrew Alexander

After I posted an article about Affordable Equipment to Build A Mini Home Studio, on Linkedin I get some great comments about this with plenty of new tips on how to create and what to buy if you want to make a music studio, even a home studio. Bellow is a great completion from Andrew Alexander: […]

Affordable Equipment to Build A Mini Home Studio – Tips & Tricks

As you know, in these days everything is recorded directly onto your computer’s hard drive. We start assuming that you already have a computer – desktop or laptop, it does not matter, though laptop gives you more freedom of movement. Now you need the following: Recording Software A microphone A microphone stand A pop filter […]

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