Your Friend: Panning – Mixing Tutorials and Tips

Your Friend Panning - Music Production Tips

Audio panning is the phenomenon that decides where any audio signal will be sent to either left, right or center position. This is all assuming you’re using stereo settings. For the best sound panning experience make sure your monitors are at an equal distance from themselves and from you. Your audio monitors should form an equilateral […]

Tips About Studio Monitors and Room Acoustic Treatment

Studio Monitors and Room Acoustic Treatment

Studio monitors are speakers or a speaker system most used in recording studios, mixing, mastering, radio, TV, and more. The sound engineer shapes the sound depending on what he hears in his audio monitors, making sure that the audio material can be heard properly on any audio system or as many audio systems. Studio monitors […]

Loudness War – How Loud Is Too Loud

Loudness War - How Loud is Too Loud

“Loudness War” seems to be over, well at least I keep hearing that statement for the last five years or so, but, with more and more loudness standards over the past couple of years, now it seems to be true. Several services like YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, and TV broadcasts now have some kind of standards […]

Your Friend: Volume – Mixing Tips by Jared Day

Your Friend Volume - Music Production Tips

There is a time in every producer’s life when he makes something on his DAW, exports it, then on playback it sounds completely different than what he heard while making the track. It’s a very common problem. A contagion, if you will. So what is the solution to this? The Volume Well more specifically, dual […]

Tube Microphones – Buyer’s Guide by Alan Steward

Tube Microphones - Buyer's Guide by Alan Steward

So, do you want to buy a Tube Microphone? It seems to be the holy grail of recording these days, getting that analog sound back into your recording. After more than 2 decades of recording digitally, we still long for that warm sound of the analog consoles and recording studio gear from yesterday. We are […]

Stereo Separation Tutorial – How To Use It In A Mix

Stereo Separation Tutorial – How To Use It In A Mix

If you are a music producer, then most likely you’ve heard of stereo separation. Today I will explain what stereo separation represents. First, it is a great way of creating harmony in music. A well-done stereo separation can create an awesome feeling, and in this article, I’m going to show you how. Before that, I […]

Recording and Audio Editing Tips and Techniques

Audio Recording and Audio Editing Tips and Techniques

Bit depths such as 24-bit and 32-bit offer a considerably better theoretical dynamic range than 16-bit. From a practical perspective, although supported by some DAWs, 32-bit isn’t much help for recording, as interface converters operate at 24-bit maximum (barring a few exotic units). However, 24-bit is excellent as it allows you to operate well below […]

How To Bring More Harmony In Your Audio Mix

How To Bring More Harmony In Your Mix

To maintain interest throughout a track, make sure changes are anticipated and have the desired impact without being a jarring and unexpected shift. An easy way to build up to the payoff – the “drop” – is to selectively cut out your bassline with a filter beforehand, easing the full frequency range back in over […]

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