Pan Like A Pro – Audio Panning Tips + Examples

Pan Like A Pro - Audio Panning Tutorial Tips

Depending on the DAW (or mixing console), audio panning is represented as either a pan knob or slider that can be moved all the way from one side (left) to the other (right) and set anywhere in between. This makes us think that, as we pan a track (or instrument), we’re moving it along a […]

Your Friend: Panning – Mixing Tutorials and Tips

Your Friend Panning - Music Production Tips

Audio panning is the phenomenon that decides where any audio signal will be sent to either left, right or center position. This is all assuming you’re using stereo settings. For the best sound panning experience make sure your monitors are at an equal distance from themselves and from you. Your audio monitors should form an equilateral […]

Your Friend: Compression – Mixing & Mastering Tips

Your Friend Compression - Music Production Tips

When I first began producing music, I barely knew what a mixer was. I had no idea how to use the mixer on FL Studio and I wasn’t very proficient with it for a couple of months. But instead of learning how to properly use the mixer, I ignored it and continued writing music.  So […]

Your Friend: Volume – Mixing Tips by Jared Day

Your Friend Volume - Music Production Tips

There is a time in every producer’s life when he makes something on his DAW, exports it, then on playback it sounds completely different than what he heard while making the track. It’s a very common problem. A contagion, if you will. So what is the solution to this? The Volume Well more specifically, dual […]

Importance of Audio Interface | Hook It Up!

Importance of Audio Interface

If you want to know how you can record anything that makes a sound then you probably want to know what an audio interface is. An audio interface is something most people know nothing of. Some musicians say that once they have a sound card, they don’t need an audio interface anymore. Can you really use […]

The Importance of Mixing in Mono

The Importance of Mixing in Mono

Despite that Stereo systems were invented over half a century ago and multiple channel speaker configurations are the standard in cinemas and home theaters systems for the last twenty years or so, mixing in Mono, or at least checking a mix in Mono is still crucial. And yes, not only for mono playback systems but […]

6 Pre-Production Tips to Avoid Problems

6 Pre-Production Tips to Avoid Problems

Pre-production is one of the most underestimated phases in recording an album. It is the phase where the artist (or band), the musicians, the music teacher, and the producer sit down to hear the whole song in its barest form. This is where parts are tweaked or changed altogether, and this is when people fix […]

Mixing In Its Core – What Audio Mixing Really Is

Mixing In Its Core - What Is Audio Mixing Article

Have you ever thought about what audio mixing really is? “Mixing in its core” means that every instrument present in a song is balanced. So, practically that’s mixing in a nutshell. There isn’t a particular secret or a well-kept strategy when it comes to mixing, but if the need for defining a secret behind mixing exists […]

Can You Really Fix it in the Mix?

It is one of the most common platitudes that you get to hear in a recording studio, “we’ll fix it in the mix“. But is it really a good idea to record your tracks and then to worry about fixing them, adding EQ, compression, noise reduction etc. later on? Of course not! The saying should […]

Tips For Recording In Improvised Locations

Recording Tips In Improvised Locations

There’s a type of recording sessions that are my favorite kind of work: recordings that take place in improvised locations, outside of the recording studio. Sometimes musicians get inspired by the atmosphere of a place and create something wonderful recordings on the spot. You’ll want that record that for later, preferably in multitrack, in your […]

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