How Technology Has Changed The Music Industry

How Technology Has Changed The Music Industry

If you are thinking that the music industry is simple, you are definitely wrong. The musicians, artists, songwriters, and producers are working days and nights on their tracks to make them in the form of music. Music is considered the food of the spirit and is the biggest part of every person’s life. Music has […]

6 Pre-Production Tips to Avoid Problems

6 Pre-Production Tips to Avoid Problems

Pre-production is one of the most underestimated phases in recording an album. It is the phase where the artist (or band), the musicians, the music teacher, and the producer sit down to hear the whole song in its barest form. This is where parts are tweaked or changed altogether, and this is when people fix […]

Best Websites For Music Production Collaboration

Top Best Websites For Music Production Collaboration

Sharing your work with others is a beautiful thing, but creating one with somebody with similar tastes is even better. We have all been stuck in a production of a certain track. The itchy feeling when you simply can’t get pass one point, and no matter what you do next – it just does not […] Sold for $275 Million to Sold To

We usually focus on software news but this news has surprised us and I think it is the biggest transaction on the Audio market of the last years. was founded in 2013 and is like the eBay for musicians. Here, musicians and studio freaks can offer and purchase studio equipment. The online store of […]

5 Music Production Tips I wish I knew when I started

5 Music Production Tips For Beginners Tutorials

Music production does lead you towards steep learning curve; it is more important at the time of considering what is required to make the switch from beginner to released artist. As in all the disciplines, skill, patience, and practice are the key to success – but taking on guidance from those more experience can be […]

8 Useful Tips For Starting a Career in Music Production

Tips For Starting A Career In Music Production

Discover key advice for music graduates who are looking to pursue a career in music production. What should you take into account? Find out here. You are fresh from college and are looking to make it big in the music industry. However, it will not be as easy as you think. There are many challenges […]

How to Become a Music Production Writer

The job of a music production writer entails creating music for sale or music that is licensed to a Production Music Library. The library, depending on how big it is, might have connections with broadcast networks or advertising agencies which can use the music for their shows, radios, and advertisements. For this reason, these libraries […]

5 Ultimate Music Production Tips For The Beginners

It may sound a little over the top, but I truly believe that music production is one of the most exciting and interesting industries in the world. The vast majority of the population have a special place in their hearts for music – and I would argue that music production is the driving force behind […]

How To Write A DJ Resume – Become a DJ

If you’re looking to become a DJ and make a career from this, then the first thing you’re going to need is a good resume. This will show potential employers what experience you have, as well as giving an overview of your employment history. A good resume can give a great first impression, so it’s […]