Future Classic Collection Pack by F9 Audio

F9 Audio release Future Classic Collection, a huge collection of House loops and samples specially designed for Ableton and Logic music producers. In total, this Future Classic Collection includes 6 House sample packs available at a special discounted price if you choose to buy each separately. You will save almost 60% on the price of […]

Top 10 Best DAW of 2018 – Best Music Production Software

What is the best music production software (DAW) of 2018? Every year this question arises much discussion on electronic music forums and social networks. Opinions are divided…some producers even says that this top is pointless anyway because any producer will use the program that already used…or…that did not matter what music software you use, a […]

Logic Pro 10.2 Update With Alchemy Synth by Apple

Apple announced the availability of Logic 10.2 that now includes Alchemy, a powerful sample-manipulation synthesizer. Now you can add sounds from the massive Alchemy library or create your own with a choice of synthesis engines and advanced morphing tools. Produce inspiring sounds with analog-modeled filters, multiple modulation sources, an integrated arpeggiator, and a broad range […]

BLOQ – Kontakt Vintage Drum Machine by Sample Magic

Sample Magic intros BLOQ, a vintage synth and drum machine virtual instrument designed for Kontakt, that also includes patches for Ableton and Logic. BLOQ is built from an extensive (2.6GB) sample collection (7300 unique samples at 24-bit resolution) of an enviable line-up of 17 synthesisers and 13 drum machines including the Roland TR-808, TR-909, TB-303, […]

Best Music Software (DAWs) Released/Updated in 2014

Here we are at the end of 2014, a year in which most music software received important updates and new versions focused on a better workflow. For most music software developers 2014 was the year that they have consolidated their products and market position. Read briefly what happened: Propellerhead released Reason 8 with a faster and easier interface, […]

Music Software Common Terminology for Music Producers

Bellow, I tried to cover some of the common words most commonly found in today’s music-making software. I did not go into many details because there are many words in this field. If you want to add anything to this list you can do it in the Comments section below of this post. Audio File […]

Logic Pro Projects Pack 1 – Templates by Click Sound

Click Sound presents Logic Pro Projects Pack 1, a great collection of 5 construction templates special designed and build for Logic Pro producers. With styles ranging from Trap to Drum and Bass, Dubstep to Hip-Hop and even Funstep, this pack will surely satisfy and provide you with everything you need to construct your own slamming track […]

Review: Logic Pro X DAW – Music Making Software by Apple

If you’re a musician, producer, recording engineer, or composer, Logic Pro X contains some gorgeous innovations and features that worth your attention. Bellow are presented some new features of Logic Pro X that make the difference between this software and other DAW programs in a very competitive market. Who and what is the best?…is your choice! […]

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