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Review: NOIR Kontakt Instrument by Sonokinetic

Sonokinetic NOIR Kontakt Library Review

What’s up producers? Today I want to take a look at something really cool with you. NOIR, the latest release from Sonokinetic, is quite a bit different from what they are known for so far. NOIR comes as a NI Kontakt virtual instrument with over 60.100+ SAMPLES! Some of you might have noticed, that in recent […]

Review: Vocal Lyrical Phrases Library by Sonuscore

Sonuscore is, of course, a name most of you will be familiar with, especially from libraries like “Action Strings” or “Action Strikes”, but Vocal Lyrical Phrases is the first voice base NI Kontakt libraries I’ve seen from them, and so I was naturally curious. So let’s dive in! What it is? As we can clearly […]

Review: Output Analogue Brass & Winds Library

Today we’re going to review Output‘s new virtual instrument for Kontakt: Analogue Brass & Winds – announced a few weeks ago in our audio news section. Since its beginnings Output has created interesting and powerful instruments that have left their mark on modern music. They are easily recognizable and you can hear them in many […]

Chordian FREE Kontakt Midi Sequencer by HGSounds

Homegrown Sounds has released Chordian, a FREE Step Sequencer for Native Instruments KONTAKT 5 sampler. Chordian uses Kontakt’s MIDI output and the sampler’s Step Sequencer. It will output a melody line, which can contain up to four notes per step and is, therefore, suitable for chord sequencing. The instrument uses a 24-note scale remapper to […]

Review: Hans Zimmer Percussion – Professional Kontakt Library

If you were, like me, a little confused at first about Spitfire Audio releasing another Hans Zimmer Percussion Library, don’t worry, I totally understand. The thing is, they didn’t really, and yet, they did, and it is actually quite good and worth considering. Let me explain what actually happened. What is “Hans Zimmer Percussion (Professional)”? […]

ChillerScapes FREE Horror Kontakt Instrument

Resomonics presents a new horror virtual instrument for NI Kontakt, called ChillerScapes, featuring horror chilling atmospheres and creepy drones. This instrument is based on an older collection of sounds called “Reflection” plus some new sounds that come to compensate the entire instrument. In total it includes 13 Ambiences and 5 Drones; each has 3 layers […]

Review: London Contemporary Orchestra Strings by Spitfire Audio

Let’s have look at LCO Strings, the latest Kontakt string library by the guys from Spitfire Audio. Maybe you were also among those wondering why you’d need “another” string library at this point when LCO Strings was announced. Did you also often wonder how to get some really commonly used but rarely sampled articulations in […]

Review: TRAILER XPRESSIONS by Sample Logic

Heads up to the game and cinematic producers out there, here’s a new Kontakt instrument from Sample Logic. It’s called Trailer Xpressions and it’s a library of atmospheric hits, impacts, zaps, sweeps, drones, whooshes, and all that good stuff. Overview The library offers 2 different categories „Ambience“ and „Percussive“. Each of these folders offers different […]

Review: Trailer Guitars II Kontakt Instrument by Audio Imperia

Trailer Guitars II is a guitar sample library and virtual instrument for NI Kontakt from Audio Imperia. With the word „Trailer“ in the title, it’s obviously directed toward the game and cinematic producers. Really workable guitars samples are rare though and perhaps music producers of all genres who don’t play guitar might find this library […]

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