Ozone – Audio Mastering Plugin by iZotope – Review

Why the mastering process is so mysterious? Well, because it can not be described in words just can not be explained in detail and not has a clear recipe because it relies heavily on mix. Which means that if you have a good mix, mastering is child’s play. However, if the mix is not good, […]

Luftrum 10 for iZotope Iris by Luftrum

Luftrum has released Luftrum 10, a new sound set for Iris. Iris is a sample-based synthesizer created by iZotope. Luftrum 10 contains many presets like pads, classic pads, textured pads, soundscapes, sounds, sound effects, basses, keys. This soundbank for the amazing spectral synth iZotope Iris v1 and v2. Textured pads, classic pads, and organic soundscapes […]

Nectar Elements Vocal Effects Plug-in by iZotope

Nectar Elements Vocal Effects Plug-in by iZotope new release Nectar Elements Vocal Effects Plugin. This is a vocal effects plugin, a perfect tool for mastering in a professional way vocal. This plugin is easy to use and the results are just great. I try this product and I can say, even you don’t have much […]