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Review: Fission Multi-Effect Plugin by Eventide

Eventide released another powerful effect called Fission, working as a Tonal and Transient multi-effect plugin. There are good features to discover, and amazing processing on audio tracks. I tested Fission on Windows 7 and Windows 10 (both 64 bits VST) without any problem. This amazing plugin is working as an effect in two areas: Transient […]

Review: Tverb Plugin by Eventide Audio

Eventide Audio has recently released Tverb, a new reverb plugin, but this plugin is different than most plugins on the market because it doesn’t try to emulate a piece of legendary gear but it emulates a production technique created by Tony Visconti for the recording of David Bowie’s track Heroes. I’ll just give you a […]

Review: Blackhole & Stereo Room 2016 by Eventide Audio

In this review, we are going to be discussing Eventide’s two new reverb plugin, the Blackhole and Stereo Room 2016. Both of these plugins started their lives as algorithms found in two of Eventides hardware effects processors the DSP4000 and the SP2016 and have been industry favorites for years now so Eventide decided it was time to […]

Review: Anthology X Octavox Plugin by Eventide Audio

In this week’s review of Eventide’s Anthology X Bundle we will be going over Octavox, two-time based diatonic harmonizers which allow you to create simple harmonies or complex rhythmic sequences. Overview When you first open one of this plugin you will be greeted by a row of voices which can be switched on and off according to […]

Review: Anthology X H3000 Band Delays by Eventide

The H3000 Band Delays is a plugin that was inspired by the filtered delay algorithm found in the H3000 Multi effects processor and expanded upon with eight voices of tempo based filtered delays which can be modulated and automated to produce some stellar effects. Each of the eight voices in the H3000 band delay can […]

Review: Anthology X UltraChannel & E-Channel Plugins

Eventide has gained immense popularity over the years with professional musicians and producers. Their new Anthology X bundle comes with 17 of their most sought after products ranging from the classics from ye olden times to new future classics. Now some of you may know this as the bundle that was only available for the […]

H3000 Band Delays Plugin Released by Eventide Audio

Eventide Audio has released H3000 Band Delays, a new multi-effect plugin that can be used to generate standard delays, filtering, stereo-widening or even killer rhythmic effects. The main feature of this plugin is that you can pick any separate frequency of any sound and process each freq band as you need. You can instantly manipulate […]

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