APARILLO Virtual Synth Introduced by Sugar Bytes

A few days ago, Sugar Bytes has announced the availability of their latest virtual synth plugin called APARILLO which is an advanced 16-voice FM synthesizer, better said it can handle up to 16 voices. Film musicians and sound designers use synthesizers as an all-around tool to create new sounds! The APARILLO‘s two interdependent FM Synthesizers […]

ComBear FREE Compressor Plug-in by W.A Production

ComBear VST Compressor W. A. Production

W.A Production has released ComBear, a free dynamic parallel compression effect plugin that can be used for drums, synths, vocals and much more. The Idea behind this plugin was of course Parallel Compression. Parallel Compression, also called New York Compression, is a very dynamic range compression technique that is used in sound recording and mixing. […]

Best FREE VST Plugins Released in 2017

Below you will find our list of the best free VST plugins Of 2017 for Windows and MAC (AU), all are available for download free of charge. You will find many useful plugins, tools, and plugin effects released by popular companies or some new debuts. Let’s start with: VK-1 Viking FREE Synthesizer Plugin by Blamsoft […]

HalfTime Multi-Effect Plug-in Released by Cableguys

Cableguys have released a new effect, HalfTime, a new multi-effect audio plugin 100% dedicated to creative half-speed/slow-down effects. The main purpose of this plugin is to be used as a tempo reducer and pitch-down effect for sound experiments of all kinds. The graphical user interface is very clear and self-explanatory with a modern look featuring […]

SubBoomBass 2 Bass Software Synth by Rob Papen

Rob Papen has released the SubBoomBass 2, a successor to its popular virtual bass synthesizer released back in 2012. The new version got a new graphic user interface and new sounds and power. One of its new features is the X / Y pad for advanced control of all parameters of the tone generator. You […]

Review: OZONE 8 + NEUTRON 2 by iZotope

What might be behind this chemical-inspired name? Okay, we all guessed it as soon as we read Izotope. It is of course about “Ozone 8” and “Neutron 2”, recently released by Izotope and one of them, if not the, most used mixing and mastering VST solutions of today. I for one was not really expecting […]

10 BEST Free / Affordable Mastering VST Effects

It has never been easier to enter the field of audio production because now we are living in a digital age. Producers no longer have to drop tens of thousands of dollars on pricey soundboards and studio spaces. The modern producer can literally walk around with a powerful mixing studio in their backpack! Debates have […]

Carve EQ 31-Band Equalizer Plugin by kiloHearts

kiloHearts has released the Carve EQ, a new 31-band equalizer plugin, which wants to assert itself as a versatile plugin for sound design, mixing and mastering. The graphic equalizer with a freely scalable surface is equipped with an analyzer that visually displays in the background a detailed view of the frequency spectrum. In the foreground, […]

TBProAudio DynaRide: Volume Correction Plug-in

TBProAudio has released the DynaRide, a plugin tool that automatically corrects volume fluctuations. TBProAudio DynaRide is a plug-in capable of automatic leveling of audio signals – this is useful, for example, on vocal tracks. The DynaRide plug-in is an attractively designed dynamics processor offering several control options for this: the signal detector can react to vocals, […]

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