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Review: SynthMaster ONE Synth Plugin by KV331 Audio

One of the latest synths released is SynthMaster One by KV331 Audio. SynthMaster ONE is actually based on the engine of the larger predecessor Synthmaster, but through the new surface, the design is easier to operate and more attractive. The only difference is the synthesis, which is limited to Wavetables. After the great success of […]

Review: Boost Dynamic Processor by Sample Magic

Sample Magic is an impressive all-encompassing online platform for Electronic music. They offer an extensive catalog of Samples, Presets, Artist, Labels, and Plugins. The Plugins they offer are not your run-of-the-mill. They’re really different, offering you possibilities to affect your music in ways you have never dreamed of. They also created plugins to simplify your […]

Rotary Amp Simulator Plugin Released by UVI

UVI has released Rotary, a new mixing effect plugin inspired by classic rotary speakers and represents a modern evolution of this classic design. The rotary loudspeakers originally invented in the 1940s are based on the Doppler effect generated by a woofer in a rotating drum and a tweeter in a rotating horn. The generated sounds are […]

Review: Pumper Dynamic Processor by W.A Production

W.A Productions offers excellent Samples and Presets packs for the EDM genre. They have just introduced their new plugin named Pumper, an all around dynamic processor designed to offer you an easy way of beefing up your tracks and applying a stereo image. Overview Pumper has a simple and straight forward concept with three big […]

OSL Chorus Free Chorus Plugin (VST/AU) by Oblivion Soundlab

Oblivion Soundlab has released a new freeware plugin in VST and AU format called OSL Chorus. The plugin is based on the classic, smooth onboard chorus of the Roland Juno 60 hardware synthesizer. OSL Chorus let you adjust the LFO rate and depth as well the delay offset. Control the chorus brightness with the low pass filter, […]

Review: Manipulator Vocal Plugin Effect by Polyverse

Infected Mushroom in collaboration with Polyverse has developed the Manipulator plugin. They called it the “Ultimate Vocal Warping Plug-in”, so let’s check it. Manipulator is mainly a vocal transformation processor plugin effect that uses unique granular algorithms in order to manipulate the timbre and pitch of your vocal recordings or any isntrument in multiple creative ways. […]

SynthMaster ONE New Software Synth by KV331 Audio

KV331 SynthMaster One VST Synthesizer

KV331 Audio proudly presents their new Synthmaster One, a new easy to use wavetable software synthesizer for Windows and MAC, with an intuitive workflow and a powerful engine borrowed from its bigger brother SynthMaster. Certainly, many of today’s producers have used or still use the SynthMaster synth. It was a successful plugin that has now […]

Virtual Tape Machines: A Modern Producer’s Guide

With more and more tape machine emulators and plug-ins on the market today the choice can be somewhat overwhelming. For many of today’s producers having never had the chance to embrace the magnetic beast then asking them to decide if it ‘sounds like the original’ seems to be somewhat unfair. As well as being unfair, […]

L-Phase Plugin Series Released by Cakewalk

Cakewalk has released L-Phase Plugin Series featuring two mixing and mastering plugins: L-Phase Equalizer plugin and L-Phase Multiband compressor plugin. The two plugins were designed for both mixing and mastering tasks. The new line asserts zero-latencies when mixing, sample rates up to 192 kHz, and double-precision mastering. Furthermore, both plug-ins should allow stereo and mid / […]

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