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Dirty Harry Lo-Fi Free Synth VST Plugin by De la Mancha

de la Mancha has released Dirty Harry, a new free for download lo-fi synthesizer VST plugin for Windows. Dirty Harry VST Plugin offers 20 unique waveforms in all their mono/monophonic glory. For extra grit the oscillators can be sync’d or ring modulated. Fidelity can be lowered further still with reduction in sample quality, distortion and […]

Free VST Plugins for Windows by De La Mancha

de la Mancha has announced that his freeware collection of VST plugins effects and instruments for Windows music producers is now back online and ready for all music producers who need fresh VST programs. As most of you know, I stopped developing plugins a while ago, and then after a catastrophic web/database corruption I stopped […]

Addictive Keys Virtual Instrument Plugin by XLN Audio – Review

Addictive Keys from XLN Audio is a powerful virtual drum instrument for musicians, producers and songwriters, setting a new standard for virtual keyboard instruments. With its unique sound creation ability, smart workflow and fast loading times, Addictive Keys is the ultimate blend of engineering, innovative design and creative expression. Mix and match different microphone perspectives, […]

Ozone – Audio Mastering Plugin by iZotope – Review

Why the mastering process is so mysterious? Well, because it can not be described in words just can not be explained in detail and not has a clear recipe because it relies heavily on mix. Which means that if you have a good mix, mastering is child’s play. However, if the mix is not good, […]

DNX-03 Multi-Band Compressor VST Plug-in by Synthblitz Audio

Synthblitz DNX-03 Multi-Band Compressor VST

Synthblitz Audio intros DNX-03 Multi-Band Compressor audio plugin, a new three-band stereo compressor VST plug-in for Windows (only). The DNX-03 compressor plugin is able to split the incoming signal into three frequency bands using a 6dB per octave crossover. First-order filters are considered by many audiophiles to be ideal for crossovers. Each band is passed […]

MSMAX – Maximizer Effect Plugin for Reaktor by Twisted Tools

MSMAX Maximizer VST Effect Plugin

Twisted Tools releases MSMAX – Maximizer Effect and Mid/Side Matrix for Reaktor. MSMAX is a Maximizer effect and Mid/Side utility built for Native Instruments Reaktor. As a Maximizer, MSMAX can be used for anything from subtle to extreme loudness maximization to get individual tracks or mixes sounding loud and finalized. As a Mid/Side maxtrix, MSMAX […]

IVGI – Free VST Saturation Plugin by Klanghelm

Klanghelm IVGI Free VST Saturation Plugin

Klanghelm IVGI is a free saturation plugin effect for Windows & Mac OS X that is suitable for signal saturation and can work in a very differentiated manner. The German developer was already able to convince with his compressors plugin and now you should definitely check out his youngest baby. The fine free VST plugin […]

Electric Grand – Piano Library for Addictive Keys by XLN Audio

XLN Audio Electric Grand Addictive Keys Expansion Pack

XLN Audio releases Electric Grand for Addictive Keys, a new Addictive Keys piano library featuring a meticulously sampled Yamaha CP-80 electro-acoustic instrument. With three distinct sonic characteristics captured in seven different ways, you’ll have no shortage of great sounds at your fingertips. This unique instrument combines three distinct characters (acoustic hammers, direct line output, and […]

EZkeys Retro Electrics Virtual Piano Instrument by Toontrack

EZKeys Toontrack Virtual Instrument

Toontrack EZkeys Retro Electrics virtual instrument features retro sounds of two classic Hohner electric pianos: the Clavinet D6 and the Pianet N. This instrument is compatible with all DAWs on Windows and Mac. Each instrument comes with a different number of presets and depending on the preset, there are also different parameters for fine adjustments […]

Waves RS56 Passive EQ Abbey Road Studios VST Plugin

Waves RS56 Passive EQ Abbey Road Studios

Waves has done an excellent job on several occasions with the three most recent plug-ins in its Abbey Road series. The plugin company is presenting emulations of absolute audio rarities for the first time, with the Reel ADT plug-in leading the way, followed closely by the RS56 equalizer. Waves not only keeps these delicacies from […]

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