Black Friday 2019 Deals – Loops, Sample Packs, VST Plugins

Black Friday Deals - Loops, Sample Packs, VST Plugins

BLACK FRIDAY 2019 BEST PRODUCER’S DEALS This Black Friday 2019 brings you some of the hottest deals for best VST plugins, sample packs, audio loops, virtual instruments, software synthesizers, music software. Now is the right time to add to your arsenal the most wanted sound packs, synth patches, audio plugins, virtual instruments, and music software […]

Review: Movement Multi-Effect Plugin by Output

Output Movement Plugin Review

Output’s Movement Review Today I have something exciting! Output – the creator of Exhale, Signal & Rev X – has introduced Movement – a powerful real-time processor, designed for both studios and live performance. This is a little unexpected, since it’s their first pure effects plugin, even if have shown in all the previous libraries, […]

TEXTURE Multi-Effect Plugin Released by Devious Machines

Texture VST Multi Effect Plugin

Devious Machines Texture, “an effect with synth heart” that gives texture to your sounds! At present, there are so many effects available in so many development companies, that innovating with the processes and possibilities is a growing challenge. That’s why it is remarkable when a plugin house dares to something different, like the case of […]

Harmonics Saturation VST Plugin Released by Softube

Softube Harmonics Analog Saturation Plugin

Softube launches Harmonics, a new plugin with 5 different distortion options that analyzes the audio to respect the transients and focus its action on the harmonic part. The distortions, a terrain in which the most common is to recommend the passage to analog systems to avoid incurring the annoying aliasing, are gaining weight in their […]

Kleverb – Algorithmic Reverb Plugin Released by Klevgränd

Klevgrand Kleverb Reverb Plugin VST AU Windows MAC

Klevgränd has recently released Kleverb, an algorithmic reverb plugin designed for quick and smooth handling offering awesome results combing an intuitive easy to use UI and a carefully calibrated network of filters, delays, and a mixable reverb effect. There are also a ducking function, three different room size algorithms, and high-quality filters! Very interesting for […]

ILLUSION New Reverb Plug-in Released by LiquidSonics

LiquidSonics ILLUSION Reverb VST Plugin

LiquidSonics releases ILLUSION, a new reverb plug-in that features the technology called Fusion-IR | Synthesis. Illusion can simulate real environments that would normally be in the realm of impulse responses, as well as classical algorithmic reverbs. The effect is calculated by a fusion of impulse responses and a synthesis. There are also plenty of modulations. […]

Anaglyph – Free VST Plugin for 3D Audio Effects

Anaglyph 3D VST Effect Plugin

Anaglyph is a high-definition binaural spatialization engine developed after a decade of spatial hearing research effort into the perceptual and technical capabilities of binaural rendering. Now the Anaglyph free VST plugin make accessible the fruits of this research to audio engineers who want to generate 3D sensations in their tracks. Anaglyph combines the application of […]

FlexVerb Reverb VST / AU Plugin Released by Solid State Logic

FlexVerb Reverb VST Plugin

Solid State Logic has released a new plug-in called FlexVerb which is a signal processor offering four types of reverbs – Room, Hall, Plate and Chamber. FlexVerb, however, is not only a reverb effect with the ability to regulate various typical parameters (PREDELAY, DIFFUISON, SIZE, TIME). This plug-in gives the possibility of independently determining the […]

Review: Brainworx bx_masterdesk Mastering Plugin

bx_masterdesk Mastering Plugin VST Review

Mastering, a world where every morning just before dawn grey bearded audio wizards get into their Hi-tech squiggly air driven speaker spaceships and collect the magical rainbow unicorn dust that falls across the spectrumlands each night as it is this dust that powers their magical analog mastering desks which makes anything that comes out of […]

Rob Papen Has Relased eXplorer 5 Plugin Bundle

Rob Papen Explorer 5

Rob Papen, the legendary sound designer and synth expert behind Predator, Blue, SubBoomBass and many other award-winning virtual synths, has announced the immediate release of eXplorer 5, the latest version of the complete Rob Papen synth & effects plugin collection. The latest Rob Papen eXplorer 5 includes up to 20 virtual instruments and effects. This means […]