Review: Film Score Companion by SONiVOX

The “orchestra”. When this word is mentioned, images of grandeur, stained wood paneling and that deep burgundy on theater carpet. Aurally, it invokes a lush chorus of strings, reeds, bows, and mallets, working in unison to recreate a classical composition that has survived the ages, or crashing like a behemoth out of your speakers to […]

Review: THEREMIN+ Kontakt Library by Soundiron

Soundiron has recently released THEREMIN+, a new advanced Kontakt library / instrument, based, well, you guessed, on a Theremin. I’ve gotta tell you, as an owner – and awful player – of a real theremin, I’m quite excited about this! So, let’s check it out, shall we? Brief History If you don’t have a clue […]

Review: “Elysium Harp” Kontakt Virtual Instrument by Soundiron

Soundiron has released the Elysium Harp, and yes, you’ve guessed, it’s a nice Kontakt instrument based on a 47-string Grand Concert Pedal Harp. The Soundrion team gave us the chance to test this wonderful virtual instrument, so here are the first impressions: First thing’s first: this is a huge library with really huge patches and probably one […]

REPEATER Dual-Delay Plugin Released by D16 Group

D16 Group presents Repeater, a new dual-delay plugin effect created in cooperation with Slate Digital featuring 23 unique, authentically modeled delay units, from classic oil cans and disk devices to famous vintage digital designs. Repeater uses two independent delay signal paths for spectacular echo effects. In addition to filters, an audio clipper, and a phase […]

Review: MAXIMO Orchestra Virtual Instrument by Sonokinetic

If you’re into phrase base libraries you are of course already familiar with Sonokinetic, the king of the phases. Probably you have also heard about their recent release “MAXIMO“, but if you haven’t, or you are still not sure what to think about it, let me tell you a little bit. The name definitely promises […]

Review: Albion V Tundra Kontakt Library by Spitfire Audio

Today I want to have a look at “Albion V – Tundra“, an orchestral Library for Kontakt from well-known folks at Spitfire Audio in the UK. Spitfire has been one of the top players in sample library games for several years, and by how everybody agrees at least on one thing, if they do something […]

“Drones” Free Sound Effects Pack Released by 99Sounds

99Sounds has released Drones, a free sample pack featuring drone sound effects and atmospheric soundscapes created by the sound designer, Red Fog. Red Fog is a drone/ambient artist whose productions focuses mostly on drones, atmospheric soundscapes, and dark ambiances. “No beats, no rhythm, just pure drones and textures!” You will find the full interview with […]

“Ground Your Sound” FREE Sample Pack by TheProAudioFiles

The Pro Audio Files has released “Ground Your Sound”, a new free sample pack filled with over 250 hand-crafted drum samples, loops, effects, synths, transitions, impulses, reverb tails, synths and more cool sounds, all created by Swedish producer and audio engineer Cristofer Odqvist. To create Ground Your Sound, Cristofer used a wide variety of vintage […]

495 Free Retimed and Repitched Samples by SampleRadar

SampleRadar has released a new collection of 495 Free Retimed and Repitched Samples. Expect to get drum hits, loops, FX, atmospheres hat have been stretched and shifted out of their original form. This free collection of WAV sounds and samples ia organized into 6 folders, each labelled according to its content. As I mention, the format […]

Free House Kicks and Drum Loops Released by Audentity

Audentity has released House Kicks and Drum Loops, a free sample pack loaded with hundred of free sounds, all ready to jump directly into your new mix. This sample pack isn’t really new, it was originally released  as a commercial pack last year (2015), but the good news is that now is available for free […]

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