Review: Vocal Lyrical Phrases Library by Sonuscore

Sonuscore is, of course, a name most of you will be familiar with, especially from libraries like “Action Strings” or “Action Strikes”, but Vocal Lyrical Phrases is the first voice base NI Kontakt libraries I’ve seen from them, and so I was naturally curious. So let’s dive in! What it is? As we can clearly […]

HOT Sauce: 808 Kontakt Library by The Producers Choice

TheProducersChoice teamed up with Julez Jadon once again to bring you HOT SAUCE: THE 808 PACK a collection of just pure, hard-hitting and dirty 808 drum sounds. Who’s Julez Jadon? Julez Jadon a music producer/sound designer from Frankfurt, Germany. His latest sound kits and diverse production asset have been featured in classes at SAE Institute as well […]

EVOLVE – 300 FREE Drum Samples by Wave Alchemy

Wave Alchemy has released Evolve, a free drum kit packed with 300 drum samples created using their powerful modern virtual drum machine Evolution. Expect to get a free collection of high-impact kicks, snares, claps, hi-hats, toms, cymbals, percussion hits and sound design tools available in 24-bit WAV format. Most of these free drum samples have been designed from […]

Review: Klip Kontakt Drum Machine by Sample Magic

Klip is a new very interesting sample-based Kontakt virtual drum machine developed by those from Sample Magic. Equipped with many different sequencers, this Kontakt instrument has been designed to create grooves. And that seems to work really well at first glance. You can easily create grooves with the plug-in, which should also lay the foundation […]

Horrific Halloween Free Sounds by HexLoops

HexLoops returns with a new collection of sounds specifically for this Halloween. The HORRIFIC sample pack includes a bunch of horror sounds like screams, monsters, and creatures plus some creepy evil laughs. Best part? Well, it is available for free download! In total includes 87 Wav sounds divided into 3 folders: Devil Laughs, Screams, and […]

500 FREE Drum Samples Created by Dustyroom

Dustyroom has released a new collection named “Fake Acoustic Drum Kit” that includes over 500 free drum samples created using the Native Instrument’s FM8 software synthesizer. Fake Acoustic Drum Kit started as a personal project, but then the developer thought, “what the hell, it sounds too interesting, let’s share it with everyone” – these are […]

Review: London Contemporary Orchestra Strings by Spitfire Audio

Let’s have look at LCO Strings, the latest Kontakt string library by the guys from Spitfire Audio. Maybe you were also among those wondering why you’d need “another” string library at this point when LCO Strings was announced. Did you also often wonder how to get some really commonly used but rarely sampled articulations in […]

Review: TRAILER XPRESSIONS by Sample Logic

Heads up to the game and cinematic producers out there, here’s a new Kontakt instrument from Sample Logic. It’s called Trailer Xpressions and it’s a library of atmospheric hits, impacts, zaps, sweeps, drones, whooshes, and all that good stuff. Overview The library offers 2 different categories „Ambience“ and „Percussive“. Each of these folders offers different […]

FREE “BACK TO SCHOOL” Drum Samples by Hex Loops

Hex Loops proudly presents Back To School free drum sample pack featuring over 100 free drum samples like kicks, snares, claps, hi-hats, and percussion for making Hip Hop beats. This free drum pack is perfect for producers who are tired of the same old sounds that you get along with your music software. These sounds are […]

75 FREE Female Vocal Samples Released by GhostHack

GhostHack presents 75 FREE FEMALE VOCALS, a free-to-download collection of royalty-free female vocal samples special recorded for any electronic music producer. “These Vocals can really bring a nice Vibe into Your Productions, using vocals in electronic music is common for popular artists.” Weighing almost 100MB this free vocal pack includes whole Phrases, One-Words, and some […]

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