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Drum Depot – Tube Drums Released by Marco Scherer

Tube Drums - Metasonix Drum Samples

Marco Scherer, the owner of Drum Depot label has released Tube Drums, a new collection of original drum samples from the Metasonix D-1000 & D-2000 analog drum synthesizers. Here is what Marco says about its new release: As there’s no existing sample packs for the Metasonix drummies it didn’t take me long to think about […]

FREE Producer Starter Pack Vol. 1 by Alonso Sound

Alonso Sound has launched ‘Revealed’ Producer Starter Pack Vol. 1, a free collection of samples and synth presets for all aspiring and seasoned pros alike who want to recreate the signature Revealed Recordings sound. Revealed Producer Starter Pack Vol. 1 is a collection of 385 samples and 64 presets for Spire and Sylenth1. Whether you’re looking […]

Review: NOIR Kontakt Instrument by Sonokinetic

Sonokinetic NOIR Kontakt Library Review

What’s up producers? Today I want to take a look at something really cool with you. NOIR, the latest release from Sonokinetic, is quite a bit different from what they are known for so far. NOIR comes as a NI Kontakt virtual instrument with over 60.100+ SAMPLES! Some of you might have noticed, that in recent […]

Review: Vocal Lyrical Phrases Library by Sonuscore

Sonuscore is, of course, a name most of you will be familiar with, especially from libraries like “Action Strings” or “Action Strikes”, but Vocal Lyrical Phrases is the first voice base NI Kontakt libraries I’ve seen from them, and so I was naturally curious. So let’s dive in! What it is? As we can clearly […]

HOT Sauce: 808 Kontakt Library by The Producers Choice

TheProducersChoice teamed up with Julez Jadon once again to bring you HOT SAUCE: THE 808 PACK a collection of just pure, hard-hitting and dirty 808 drum sounds. Who’s Julez Jadon? Julez Jadon a music producer/sound designer from Frankfurt, Germany. His latest sound kits and diverse production asset have been featured in classes at SAE Institute as well […]

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