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Tricky Traps Max For Live Devices by Sonic Faction

Sonic Faction proudly presents Tricky Traps, a collection of 16 creative spanning sequencers, instruments, Audio and MIDI effects for Ableton Live and Max for Live. What can you do whit these devices? Simply chain them together and create unexpected sounds and rhythmic moments. Each device from Tricky Traps has its own unique properties allowing to quickly […]

“Mélange” Free Ableton Live Pack by Puremagnetik

Puremagnetik has released Mélange, a new FREE Ableton Live Pack loaded with 70 instruments created using handpicked electronic sounds from the Puremagnetik collections, “weighing” over 1 GB. Puremagnetik instruments are inspired by legendary synthesizers, film scoring techniques, and retro gaming technology. Mélange Free Ableton Live Pack is organized in 5 separated categories: Modular Loops, Film […]

Reason 9 Music Production Software by Propellerhead

Propellerhead has released Reason 9, a new update of their acclaimed music production software, bringing new sounds, new creative tools and new devices that will let you create any kind of music. Reason is one of the most popular music software worldwide, little different from those who are familiar with programs like Ableton, Cubase or […]

Reason 9 Revealed by Propellerhead

Reason 9 Announced Propellerhead Software announced Reason 9 DAW, the new version of their music production software. The updated Reason 9 version brings a host of new devices, sounds, and creative tools. Reason 9 seems to be the most exciting version released until now by Propellerhead, featuring new tools and sounds that can help any producer […]

PurpleDrums Free Ableton Live 9.5 Project by Symplesound

Symplesound brings PurpleDrums, a new free educational Ableton Live project based on a faithful re-creation of Prince’s definitive “Minneapolis” drum sound & production process. This free Ableton Live project includes a drum rack based on samples from both the LM-1 and LinnDrum, processed in his unique style – and 10 royalty-free all-original MIDI loops, inspired […]

Vatanator – New iPad Drum Machine App by Georgi Georgiev

Georgi Georgiev intros Vatanator, a new iPad drum machine app that features advanced MIDI functionality and a great selection of 140 built-in preset emulating every classic vintage drum machine. Besides all these cool presets you can add your own samples. Also, there is an advanced MIDI integration with MIDI learn capabilities and the option to […]

MasteringBOX – Android Mastering App Now Available

MasteringBOX proudly announces the release of MasteringBOX mastering app for Android devices. This is the world’s first audio mastering app for Android. Even a few days ago I was thinking about which company will be the first to launch such an application. In my head came names like Waves or iZotope….but it seems that MasteringBOX were faster and they […]

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