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Waveform 9 DAW by Tracktion – New Features

Tracktion announces the Waveform 9 DAW, adding a few new features and possibilities. Waveform 9 is the next major update to the former Tracktion DAW, which was renamed Waveform last year at Musikmesse 2018 (when Waveform 8 was released), and is now available in version 9. Waveform 9 DAW offers everything necessary to give first-class […]

Review: Harrison MIXBUS Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)

The time has come to test and review a new DAW! Harrison Mixbus is basically a DAW to produce music with. What makes it different from other DAWS is that it’s profiled after a very popular large format mix console from the 70´s. Harrison Console’s have been used on some of the most iconic records […]

Steinberg Cubase 9.5 DAW Out Now – New Features

Steinberg company has announced the availability of the 9.5 updates for the Pro, Artist and Elements versions of their Cubase DAW. The biggest advancement in Cubase 9.5 mixing capabilities is the new mixing engine: 64-bit floating-point resolution is designed to deliver uncompromising audio-editing performance, and provide detail and transparency. The newly integrated file browser Zoning 2.0 […]

Ableton Live 10 Announced – What’s New

Berlin-based software maker Ableton has announced Live 10. The next version of Ableton Live 10 DAW is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2018, with numerous enhancements and features. Live 10 is the first major program jump after five years when Live 9 was released in 2013. Highlights include the complete integration of […]

Review: SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 12 by MAGIX

New look, new features, new plug-ins, new metering displays and much more. MAGIX announces the release of the new SOUNDFORGE AudioStudio 12. Version 12 sets new standards in recording, audio editing and publishing of high-resolution audio material. The numerous new features make the audio studio an efficient tool for the digitization and restoration of old […]

Tracktion 6 DAW is Now FREE

Tracktion Corporation has made a gratifying announcement, namely that their Traktion 6 digital audio workstation (DAW) is now available for free. Tracktion has existed since 2002 and was originally developed by Julian Storer. In 2003 Mackie took over the distribution of the software until the year 2013. From then on the distribution was taken over […]

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