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Slicing Vocals in Ableton Live – Tutorial by Ashley Young

Slicing Vocals in Ableton Live

In this Ableton Live tutorial, we’ll be looking at a method of slicing up a vocal sample and then using it in a techy beat. This method is a fairly common one in various genres including dubstep and house. To start with I’ve taken a simple kick and snare pattern with some high-hats and chosen […]

Ableton Live Tutorial: Resampling and Splitting Frequencies

In this two part tutorial we will take a basic bass sound, re-sample it, then split the frequencies and apply different FX to each of them. Part 1: Re-Sampling into Simpler So we start off by taking a basic bass sound from NI Massive. The one I’ve chosen sounds a lot like a didgeridoo. Just […]

Creating Custom Percussion in Ableton Collision

Creating Custom Percussion in Ableton Live

In this Ableton Live tutorial, I want to show you how you can create custom percussion using the Collision module. Collision is a very powerful tool for creating percussion. It also has some hidden features that not many people use. These features allow you to easily change the timbre and character of the sound being […]

MPC Element and MPC Essentials by AKAI Professional

Akai Professional has introduced MPC Element along with its new software platform, MPC Essentials. With dimensions similar to popular tablet computers, MPC Element is Akai Professional’s most portable MPC yet, and it’s also the most affordable with a price of $149.99 USD. The essential instrument for computer-based music production, MPC Element brings powerful music-making capability […]

n-Track Studio Recording Music App by n-Track Software

n-Track Software recording music app

n-Track Software has released the n-Track Studio multitrack recording app for Android devices. n-Track Studio music app enables you to record multitrack song ideas wherever you go and then import the songs on your computer for more detailed editing and mixing. Import your own sounds or use our hand-crafted sample packs to inspire new productions. Filter […]

Fairchild 808 Free Ableton Drums Live Rack By Liveschool

Free Roland TR-808 Ableton Live Samples

Liveschool has released Fairchild 808, a free Ableton Live drum rack featuring Roland TR-808 drum machine in ALP format. The Ableton Live drum rack contains Roland TR-808 sounds, which have been treated with high-end audio gear in Studios 301 in Sydney, Australia. Each captured sample has been played through the legendary Fairchild 670 compressor. In […]

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