DrumBrute Impact Drum Machine Announced by Arturia

Arturia has announced DrumBrute Impact, a brand new drum machine which should make their name in addition to energetic sounds and new features. DrumBrute Impact, offers tweakable analog drum sounds, a “color” layer, output distortion and a built-in sequencer. In fact, DrumBrute Impact offers 10 powerful and freshly reworked analog sounds, each with its own […]

KeyLab MkII MIDI Controller Released by Arturia

Arturia announces the Keylab MKII, an improved version of their MIDI controller. Keylab MKII will be available in two versions, as a 49-key keyboard and as a 61-key keyboard, and will combine the features of the predecessor with Keylab Essential features and some new features. On the hardware side, the controllers are equipped with a […]

6 New Effect Plugins Released by Arturia

Arturia has just released six new effect audio plugins based on three old vintage preamps: 1973-Pre, TridA-Pre, V76-Pre and 3 iconic analog synth filters: SEM-Filter, Mini-Filter and M12-Filter. 3 Filters You’ll Actually Use! The three filter plug-ins mentioned above are comprehensive filter modules and were taken from the available Arturia instruments SEM V, Matrix-12 V […]

Review: Arturia V Collection 6 Virtual Synthesizers

Arturia V Collection 6 is a software emulation anthology of the most legendary synthesizers ever produced. If there are any synths you’ve admired and dreamed of owning you’ll probably find them here in this collection. The V Collection has become somewhat legendary itself and is hands down the best and most economical way to own […]

Arturia V Collection 6 Adds 4 New Synthesizers

Arturia’s V-Collection 6 is an extremely versatile software bundle with 21 virtual instruments covering over 100 years of synthesizer/keyboard history. Lovingly reconditioned and with many details, the VSTs deliver a lifelike sound with many presets that reflect the well-known sounds of recent years. In addition to the reworked VSTs of the previous version, the new […]

Review: Keylab Essentials 61 MIDI Keyboard by Arturia

I’m pleased to introduce you and review a new controller that has fallen into my hand recently, it’s Arturia KeyLab Essential 61, a more compact and fun-to-use version of KeyLab61. For years, Arturia has been striving to make its authentically emulated vintage instruments easy to play and to control thanks to specially designed midi-keyboards. We […]

Arturia KeyLab Essential is Now Available in Stores

The newest Arturia range of smart controller keyboards is now available in stores. Whether at the center of your home studio or live setup, the KeyLab Essential will make your life as a music creator easier than ever. KeyLab Essential is all about you. It’s about what you need, and how you work. It’s about […]

Review: AUDIOFUSE Audio Interface by Arturia

After waiting some good months for Arturia to launch their Audiofuse audio interface, we finally tested it, re-tested it and used it for many projects. Here’s what is our opinion about the Audiofuse, a very powerful, robust audio interface, ready for any situation. For those who are at the beginning of their musical career, let […]

MiniLab MkII Controller Announced by Arturia

Arturia has announced MiniLab MkII, a space-saving keyboard/pad/controller designed for those producers or musicians who are traveling a lot, or for small home studios. The new Arturia’s MiniLab Mk II combines a two-octave, velocity-sensitive keyboard with 16 rotary knobs (2 of them with pressure function) and 8 pressure-impact-sensitive RGB backlit performance pads that can be […]

DrumBrute Analog Drum Machine Introduced by Arturia

Arturia introduces DrumBrute, a new all-in-one drum machine. DrumBrute offers seventeen true analog sounds, unique performance effects, modern step sequencer, ease of use, and great connectivity. DrumBrute offers punchy analog drum sounds, advanced 64 step / 64 pattern sequencing possibilities and ultra-effective performance controls. Features: Seventeen pure analog drum sounds Wide-range of controls allowing for […]

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