A Complete X-Ray Of Kick Drums – Producer’s Guide

The following guide deeply explores the kick drums, bass drum for electronic dance music beats. A complete X-RAY of making a drum beat and having a personalized drum ready to be layered with any recorded drum to be used in any genre of mixes. The guide is for music enthusiastic people who love exploring music/sound […]

Making It Complex – A Short Guide To Layering Sounds

Overview When you break down how layering sounds works, the things that come to mind about the subject relate to finding the right sounds to layer in the first place, things like creating the sequence beyond the foundation, or even how to avoid making it overkill with too many layered sounds. There’s a lot of […]

5 Tips For Effective Sound Design

The whole sound design work is a very time-consuming and tiring task and without the necessary knowledge in this area will be quite difficult to get good results. The first thing that is required is the knowledge about this field, after that comes the experience and creativity. It is true that knowledge is the sole […]

5 Best VST/AU Plugins For Sound Designers

It is true that nowadays sound designing is used in numerous fields but the very common problem that every sound designer faces is in the selection of good and reliable sound designing software. The application of sound designing is numerous and this is the very reason why it is in huge demand some of the […]

Ableton Live Quick Tip – Expanding Your Drum Rack

Overview In my time with Ableton Live software, one of the things I’ve learned with the free-form program is that everybody’s process in the program varies on their own creative process. It’s one of the more interesting elements, because it opens the doors for a complete catalogue of styles that can be used to make […]

How To Improve Your Voice Quality For Singing

Bring life in your voice! Whether you want to sing at a talent show or just as your hobby, there are some beneficial tips that can help improve your singing voice quality. These tips are very useful and can help to improve your singing voice way beyond you would have thought. These tips need to […]

Tips About How To Sell Your Work As A Producer

Producing and Selling Beats – An Artistic Opinion: When you’re ready, how to keep clients and working with the right people. When you feel you have spent a certain amount of time on any craft you find near and dear, you’re going to want to try and figure out how to make a living off […]

Tips and Techniques for Pitch Correction

Pitch can be referred to as a property on the basis of which the different sounds can be arranged in an order based on the frequency-related scale. Pitch correction is concerned with correcting the intonation of an audio track without having any effect on other qualities of the sound. Pitch correction has gained popularity in […]

Delay – The Secret Weapon – Article by Rafael

We all know for sure delay is a great effect for adding some space to your mix and make it deeper, but there are some other awesome things you can achieve by using a delay in some creative ways. Lets see. Making a mono track stereo. One creative way to use delay is to take […]

Skills That You Must Have To Become a Good DJ

Not everyone would opt for a profession as a DJ. If you are one of those who want to be the center of any party and if you enjoy and love mixing songs for your friends or a dance party, then it is the time for you to learn to become a good DJ. For […]