SynthTrack FREE Rhythmic VST Effect Released by 2Rule

SynthTrack FREE Rhythmic Effect VST

2Rule has released the SynthTrack, a free rhythmic effect plugin available for Windows only in VST format.

SynthTrack uses your track audio as source and makes Filter/Amp ADSR and LFO effects triggered by 16 step sequencer pattern.

You can create chopping effects, rhythmic gated pad sounds and so more. For example, you can use the envelope controlled step sequencer to transform a pad sound into a powerful arp-like sequence.

In addition, SynthTrack plugin comes with 26 factory presets for instant inspiration.


  • 16 steps per pattern
  • Host tempo synchronization (where available)
  • HP BP LP Filter
  • aADSR for Amplitude
  • ADSR for Filter
  • LFO Sinus Square-Saw waves, tempo-synchronized, triple
  • Push button for one shot gate
  • 26 Presets

SynthTrack effect plugin is available for free download via 2Rule’s website in VST format, only for Windows at this moment. For more details and download option please check the link below.

More Details / Download: SynthTrack

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